Dash Partners With Tauros Exchange to Launch The First Crypto Visa Card in Latin America

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Dash announced a new strategic plan with its partner in Mexico, Tauros, focused on issuing the first crypto-enabled Visa debit card in Latin America. The new card distributed by Tauros initially offers options for Mexican citizens to pay with Pesos everywhere and receive 2% Dash back in rewards.

Paying With Crypto in Mexico

Tauros has a considerable user-base in Mexico, and many merchandises in the country support its payment solutions. The new Visa debit card from the company makes it easier to pay with cryptocurrencies for the users. The card is attached to Tauros’ account, and users can pay with their holdings quickly.

Visa virtual debit card offers online payment options as well as paying in legacy stores to Tauros’ users. They can now create a Peso wallet and connect to the mobile application to spend with the card in millions of stores in Mexico. The %2 Dash reward in these new cards acts as financial incentives to attract more mainstream users to crypto payments. Signing-up in Tauros and using a new debit card is available for all Mexican citizen ans FM2 visa holders.

Dash has been a partner with Tauros for a long time to grow the presence in the Latin American community. The new partnership helps it achieve more regular customers and makes them familiar with Dash.

“We have been working with Tauros to grow and develop better and easier solutions that will continue to grow our ecosystem in Mexico and lead in Latin America. Dash users can now spend Dash at millions of locations that accept regular debit cards, and this includes restaurants, online shopping, retail and more. Given that COVID changed the distancing and payments landscape during this year, crypto needs to evolve into more products and better solutions, which is enabling online shopping and the low touch economy, which is the new normal after this pandemic,” said Ernesto Contreras, Head of Business Development at Dash Core Group.

Visa debit card is now available for all of the Tauros users, and they can ask for the new card from their account dashboard.

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