Parachains News


Phala’s Canary Network Khala Wins the Fourth Kusama Parachain Slot Auction

Phala’s canary network Khala Network, a Substrate-based interoperable cross-chain confidential smart contract platform, has won the fourth Kusama parachain slot auction and is now the fifth parachain on the sister network of Polkadot along with Statemine (test parachain), Karura Network, Moonriver Network, Shiden Network.


Moonbeam Companion Moonriver Network Wins the Second Kusama Parachain Slot

Moonbeam companion Moonriver Network will be the second real parachain on Polkadot’s canary network Kusama as it has won the second parachain slot auction.

Acala’s Sister Network Karura Wins the First Parachain Slot on Kusama Network

Acala’s sister Network Karura has won the first parachain slot in the first Kusama parachain slot auction and is now officially producing blocks on the Kusama Relay Chain.


Polkadot Canary Network Kusama’s Parachain Auction Will Commence on June 15th

Polkadot canary network Kusama’s parachain slot auction will begin on June 15th as the Shell parachain has been upgraded to real-world Statemine parachain.

Polkadot Network is Closing in for Launching Parachain Functionality

Polkadot Network is closing in to launch much-awaited parachain functionality. Kusama, the canary network of Polkadot, is ready for the rollout of parachains on the network.

Polkadot’s Oracle Parachain Paralink Partners with Lending Platform Deficliq

Polkadot’s Oracle Parachain Paralink Partners with Lending Platform Deficliq

Polkadot’s oracle parachain Paralink Network has partnered with Deficliq, a lending platform that offers both collateralized and uncollateralized loans, to integrate its oracle service with the lending platform.

Polkadot Parachain Plasm Network Receives $2.4M Investment

Polkadot Parachain Plasm Network Receives $2.4M Investment

Plasm Network announced closing a $2.4M investment round led by Binance Labs. Binance had announced a plan to fund the ...

Plasm Network Becomes the First Parachain on Polkadot Parachain Testnet Rococo V1

The long-awaited parachain functionality on the Polkadot blockchain platform has now begun as Plasm Network, a decentralized application (DApp) hub on Polkadot, has become the first parachain on the Polkadot parachain testnet Rocco V1.


Polkadot Parachain Testnet Rococo V1 is Now Up and Running

Polkadot team has released the second version of its parachain testnet dubbed Rococo V1. Rococo V1 has followed Rococo V0 that was launched earlier this year.


Polkadot Parachain Moonbeam Network Integrates Chainlink’s Oracle on Testnet

PureStake, the company building the Moonbeam smart contract Parachain on Polkadot, has integrated Chainlink oracle services into the Moonbeam testnet environment, Moonbase.

News about Parachains

A parachain is a parallel chain that attaches to the main network of a blockchain, operating independently of it, but taking advantage of its multiple benefits.

The main network is known as Relay Chain. Among the main benefits it confers to parachains are decentralization, security and scalability.

Polkadot’s blockchain is the pioneer in the use of this type of technology. And it has already developed an important network of parachains that have put it at the forefront of the market.