Polkadot Parachain Testnet Rococo V1 is Now Up and Running

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Polkadot team has released the second version of its parachain testnet dubbed Rococo V1. Rococo V1 has followed Rococo V0 that was launched earlier this year.

Robert Habermeier, CEO of Polkadot Network, announced the news in a blog post published on Tuesday, December 22. Rococo is the public testnet that is maintained by Parity technologies and the Polkadot developer community. According to Robert, Rococo testnet aims “towards testing both the parachains consensus process itself as well as parachains built by the community and their interactions with each other.”

Polkadot Network launched Rococo V0 earlier this year, which was just a prototype code. The latest Rococo V1 has the same code that will run on Polkadot and Kusama. Robert wrote:

“The parachains V1 codebase is our production-ready code for parachains consensus, which differs from V0 in the mechanisms by which parachains are included as well as having a more robust and extensible software architecture.”

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Parachain testnet is live but parachain slots are still to come and will be made available as technology allows. Slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parachain candidates will also require to run at least one validator node of Rococo as well as at least one collator of the registered parachain. As the network matures, the parachain teams may require to maintain more validator nodes.

According to the announcement, Polkadot will not open up parachain registration by the community until early next year, January 4 at the earliest. During this time, the parachain teams can get themselves ready for the process.

Rococo V1 testnet has support for the lite version of the channel-based cross-parachain messaging protocol (XCMP), which uses the relay chain as a transport mechanism. Acala Network, a DeFi parachain and stablecoin of Polkadot, and Phala Network has also released an XCMP demo on Rococo. So, Rococo V1 is the production-ready version of parachain functionality on the Polkadot Network but the mainnet will be live after some further improvement and optimization.


Robert Habermeier concluded by saying:

“Over the near future, we’ll be rolling out further parachain consensus improvements and optimizations on Rococo as we finish developing the last remaining components of parachains. After that point, we can safely call Polkadot’s codebase feature-complete.”

Polkadot Network went live on mainnet in May of 2020 but without parachain functionality. It is now coming that will allow different kinds of blockchains to run in parallel enjoying the security of the central Relay Chain.

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