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The most notable differences between Decred [DCR] and Bitcoin [BTC]

Digital currencies have the capacity to become excellent options to replace “all the money” in the world through market capitalizations ...

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Fujitsu creates a technology that detects errors in the smart contracts of the Ethereum network

As announced on March 8, the team of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. In collaboration with Fujitsu Research and Development Center Co. ...

Latest [DCR] Decred News

Here you can find all the news related to Decred (DCR), the cryptocurrency that was created to be governed by the users and not by a small group.

The Decred project was created on February 8, 2016 and uses a hybrid system of “proof of work” and “proof of participation”.

It uses a hybrid consensus system to achieve a balance between miners and users with which it wants to get a more robust currency.

In this section we bring you the latest news related to Decred (DCR), do not miss out on them.