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Bitcoin should be regulated just like gold

Eric Demuth, Co-founder and CEO of Bitpanda (one of the most popular digital trading platforms in Europe, located in Austria) ...

Taxes blockchain

Arizona Plans Law to Adopt Payments with Bitcoin

The state of Arizona is likely to become the first to pass a law permitting residents to pay their taxes ...

Tom Lee predicctions

Tom Lee and Bitcoin’s “Misery Index”

In the environment of the great cryptobusinesses and in Wall Street the name of Tom Lee is not unknown; In ...

dawn of cryptocurrecny

The Coin Market Shows Positive Signs with Bitcoin Leading

Last week, Bitcoin showed signs of rebound having climbed above $9000 mark. The biggest digital currency has experienced a dramatic ...

Confiscated Bitcoins

500 Bitcoins confiscated by US Government.

The United States government has a policy of confiscation of digital currencies seized from criminals. With the arrest of four ...

Segregated Witness

SegWit transactions hit new All-Time Highs

The latest update of Bitcoin Core, version 0.16, brought some major changes to the main implementation of the software used ...

Blockchain Satoshi

Challenges of the Bitcoin Success

The passion and frenzy Bitcoin has generated in recent months has had some analysts warn that there are inherent risks ...

Segwit implementation grow

Segwit grows in adoption and accelerates bitcoin transactions

Segwit has come to favor things with the daily life of Bitcoin. The acceleration of transactions is growing and we ...

Bitcoin electricity demand

Despite High Electricity Demand, Bitcoin Mining has No Alternative.

There has been complaints that the energy demand for Bitcoin mining is a concern for conservationists and some governments. Yet ...

Bitcoin transacction fees

Lower Bitcoin transaction fees, possible reasons

Bitcoin has continued to show unpredictability as transaction fees fell to record low by February, the lowest it has been ...

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