Crypto Fear & Greed Index Plunge to 100-Day Low: Bitcoin Decline Persists After US Spot ETF Approval

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The recent drop in the crypto fear and greed index to a 100-day low has drawn attention in the crypto market. This decline coincides with the persistent decrease in the price of Bitcoin, now hovering around $40,000. The recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the United States triggered a series of events that significantly impacted investor sentiment.

The crypto fear and greed index, known for assessing market sentiment through six key indicators, recorded a notable decrease, reaching a score of 48 on January 24th. This result indicates a shift towards the “Neutral” sentiment range, marking a 2-point drop from the previous day and a 15-point decrease compared to the week before when sentiment was strongly leaning towards “Greed.”

Among the determining factors of the index are market volatility, momentum and volume, social media activity, surveys, Bitcoin’s dominance, and observed trends. These elements, specifically weighted, provide a comprehensive view of investors’ emotional state, influencing market decisions and behaviors.

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Investor Greed Fades as Bitcoin Plummets

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, recently reached a peak of nearly $47,000 on January 8th, just before the approval of several Bitcoin ETFs in the United States. However, since the introduction of these new financial products, Bitcoin has experienced a notable decline, dropping below the $40,000 mark.

A notable aspect is the significant outflow of funds, especially from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which has seen withdrawals of over $2 billion since its conversion into an ETF. This series of outflows contributed to days with net outflows from the top 10 BTC ETFs.

fear greed index bitcoin post

In early January, after the approval of various BTC funds, the index reached a score of 76, marking its highest point since November 2021 when BTC reached its all-time high of over $69,000.

The revealed neutrality of the index indicates a transformation in the sentiment of the cryptocurrency market. The complex interaction between these elements highlights the volatile and dynamic nature of the market. We will have to wait and see the broader perspective to analyze the recent events and their potential impact on BTC in the medium and long term


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