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From Crypto Economy, we try to support and collaborate with the main projects of the blockchain ecosystem with all the tools that we have at our disposal.

That is why we have created this Cardano Pool so that our readers or any supporter of the project who owns ADAs, can participate in it by delegating their cryptocurrencies and thus obtain a passive return on their investment.


What is delegating a cryptocurrency?

Sometimes, to be able to stake cryptocurrencies it is necessary to have a minimum amount of tokens in possession, other times you must have the wallet wallet open and unlocked while you are doing the process, so you need to have a computer active 24/7 if you want to get the maximum performance.

Many projects offer the option of delegating cryptocurrencies, which is basically a process whereby you give the “power” of your tokens in possession to someone else to carry out the stake process for you.

The person or team that makes the stake, will charge a fee to carry out this work and pay server maintenance costs, energy, etc. and the proportional part of the profits obtained will be sent periodically to the owner of the delegated tokens.

How to delegate ADA?

We have created a tutorial where we guide you step by step with everything you need to be able to delegate your ADAs, whether you store them in Yoroi, in Daedalus, or in a Ledger Wallet.

Crypto Economy – Cardano Pool

  • Name: Crypto_Economy_com_Pool
  • Ticker: CEP
  • PoolID: 8dc1206886c42d170488cb7017d703b50e0861ef43aae4fbc0d5b373
  • Epoch fee: 340 ₳
  • Variable fee: 2%

Why should I choose the Crypto Economy server to delegate my ADAs?

The first thing to keep in mind is that we have been offering our services since 2016 and sharing daily news about the blockchain ecosystem, you can contact us through [email protected] or from our social networks.

Our objective is not to obtain an economic benefit from this Pool, so our commissions will be adjusted to the maximum and will be used to maintain the service, and the obtained benefits will be used to promote Cardano through our media site.

About ADA

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