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Civil: free, impartial and independent press powered by blockchain

Blockchain can be applied to practically all kinds of activities allowing to rearrange many things, for example, contribute to the development of a free, impartial and independent press network, and in that vision the Civil platform has been thought and developed.

Civil is a platform that will be under the control of a decentralized network worldwide whose objective is to promote the free, impartial and independent press, for which it will incorporate tokens to stimulate incentives in its community and thus establish a new form of free journalism. It sounds maybe a bit abstract, but it’s a base idea that is having a body.

Civil is based on Ethereum, and its new operating model for journalism has two main characteristics: economically motivated self-government and permanent registration of authorship and content.

Speaking a bit more about Civil, The Civil Media Company is the founding entity of the Civil ecosystem, which will initially include the following organizations:

  • Civil Foundation: It is a non-profit organization focused on the Civil Constitution, which includes working with the community to maintain and develop its purpose and which will also help direct Civil’s non-profit efforts.
  • Civil Studios: A for-profit entity created to direct and finance journalism works. Look for blank spaces in journalism with great potential in materials such as podcasts, documentaries, content support for big names, among others.
  • Civil Labs: A for-profit entity that will develop software applications, tools and widgets for the Civil ecosystem.

In the current model of online advertising, the basis of action is to provide lucrative incentives for publishers to publish content according to the interests of large companies. This reality significantly affects the quality of journalism, since much of the global content published is usually intended to please a specific group of readers for lucrative incentivation of the platforms of large centralized companies.

The newsrooms in the Civil platform seek mainly a compensation that they receive directly from the citizens to whom they provide services, and they have a total control of their income model., For their part the citizens will be able to choose to compensate the creators of the news in any currency, including the use of credit card processors and cryptocurrencies, in particular the token of the platform, the CVL.

The platform tokens – CVL – are not intended to be an investment instrument. The CVL price will be the same for all participating journalists, which ensures that they have the same opportunity to promote their own model of sustainable and impartial journalism.

Civil is definitive and a complete ecosystem, with an advanced mission supported by blockchain and with a deep vocation of journalistic prophylaxis thinking of citizens as final consumers.

The ICO of the CLV token will begin on September 18, 2018. For more details we recommend joining the Telegram channel.

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