Bull Market is Not Over, QCP Analysis Says

Bull Market is Not Over, QCP Analysis Says
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  • Inflows to the BTC spot ETF peaked on March 12, but have since declined, coinciding with a drop in the spot price.
  • A significant net outflow of -$326.2 million was recorded overnight, the largest to date.
  • The FOMC meeting is expected to have repercussions on the BTC market, with speculation about possible changes to rate cut projections.

The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), has been experiencing a series of volatile movements in recent days, raising concerns and uncertainty among market investors.

The recent decline in inflows to the BTC spot ETF has been a highlight, especially after reaching a notable peak on March 12, with an inflow of over $1.045 billion.

However, these flows have since decreased, coinciding with a downward trend in the BTC spot price.

One development analyzed by QCP Broadcast of particular concern was the net outflow of funds recorded overnight, which amounted to -$326.2 million, marking the largest single-day outflow to date.

This move has raised speculation about whether this could be the start of a trend toward daily net outflows or simply a tightening phase ahead of the FOMC meeting.

The upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting has become a pivotal point for the BTC market, with many observers keeping an eye on rate cut projections.

Although the possibility of up to three rate cuts for the year had previously been indicated, recent inflationary pressure, especially in sectors such as energy, housing and supply costs, could influence a revision of these projections.

There is a possibility that new data presented at the FOMC meeting suggests only two rate cuts, instead of the three initially anticipated, which could have a bearish impact on the BTC spot price.

The bull market is not over, according to QCP analysis

Despite short-term market uncertainties, many analysts maintain an optimistic outlook

This occurs, considering that the market is in the midst of a broad liquidity rotation that could take the cryptocurrency to new highs after the halving.

However, it is warned that the short-term correction could be violent, given the amount of leverage that still remains in the market.

In response to these market conditions, a zero downside risk strategy with high upside convexity is suggested, such as the Enhanced Shark Fin Strategy, which offers a 6-200% return profile.

This strategy provides capital protection against sharp corrections, while maintaining profitability if BTC reaches new highs.

Interested customers can obtain more information and live prices by consulting with the specialized team.

Although short-term volatility is expected, confidence in BTC’s long-term bullish outlook remains.


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