Astar Network Unveils Revolutionary zkEVM on Polygon: A Game-Changer for Developers

Astar Network Unveils Revolutionary zkEVM on Polygon: A Game-Changer for Developers
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  • Astar zkEVM Launch: Astar Network has launched Astar zkEVM, a Layer 2 rollup using zero-knowledge proofs, fully integrated with the AggLayer for seamless cross-chain transactions, marking a significant advancement in blockchain interoperability.
  • Public Access and Adoption: The public now has access to Astar zkEVM, which is expected to accelerate blockchain adoption by unifying state and liquidity across major ecosystems like Polygon, Ethereum, and Astar Network.
  • Future Growth: With Astar zkEVM’s integration into the AggLayer and successful testnet results, it’s poised to attract more projects and contribute to the growth of the $700M Astar ecosystem.

Astar Network, a leading Japanese blockchain network, has introduced Astar zkEVM, a Layer 2 rollup with high performance, powered by zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. This launch is a landmark event in the blockchain technology sector as Astar zkEVM is the inaugural chain to be fully integrated with the AggLayer, a newly launched protocol that enables seamless cross-chain transactions among various blockchains.

Astar zkEVM, constructed with Polygon CDK, is inherently interoperable with Polygon zkEVM and any future blockchain linked to the AggLayer. This integration places Astar zkEVM at the vanguard of a unified blockchain ecosystem, facilitating smooth cross-chain transactions for users.

In partnership with Gelato, a company specializing in blockchain infrastructure, Astar zkEVM utilizes the technology and robust security of Polygon CDK to offer users and developers quick finality and withdrawals to the Ethereum network, which is valued at over $50 billion.

The AggLayer, which was launched recently, boasts a unified bridge to Ethereum, making cross-chain transactions possible. In contrast to traditional rollups that have individual bridges, Astar zkEVM, along with Polygon zkEVM, uses this unified bridge, signifying a major stride towards a more interconnected blockchain environment.

Public Access to Astar Network zkEVM: Accelerating Blockchain Adoption

Astar Network Unveils Revolutionary zkEVM on Polygon: A Game-Changer for Developers

Astar zkEVM is now accessible to the public, propelling blockchain adoption as the first Layer-2 chain to fully integrate with Polygon’s AggLayer and initiate the consolidation of the fragmented blockchain landscape. This marks the beginning of the unification of state and liquidity and initiates cross-chain interoperability among three major ecosystems: Polygon, Ethereum, and Astar Network.

In the coming months, more projects will adopt the CDK standard and instantly connect to the expanding ecosystem on Astar, which is currently valued at $700M. Polygon’s unified bridge enables the native transfer of any Ethereum asset to Astar zk rollup via a unified bridge.

Following a successful testnet phase with thousands of contracts deployed, resulting in nearly half a million transactions, the momentum of Astar’s mainnet launch has increased. With the complete integration of Agglayer, Japanese enterprises are closer than ever to the burgeoning growth across the Polygon CDK ecosystem.

In conclusion, the introduction of Astar zkEVM signifies a major advancement in the evolution of the blockchain industry. It not only boosts the scalability and interoperability of blockchain networks but also unveils new opportunities for both developers and users.


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