A Connection Between Cardano and Ripple Makes No Sense, Says Charles Hoskinson

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Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, reiterated his strong stance against establishing partnerships with XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency. This persistent disagreement between Hoskinson and the XRP community has given rise to an interesting and often confrontational dynamic.

In a recent episode of this protracted dispute, a user brought back a critical comment made by Hoskinson about XRP a year ago. In that comment, Hoskinson labeled the Ripple community as “toxic and petty,” dismissing any possibility of collaboration between Cardano and Ripple.

When confronted again with this past comment, Hoskinson stood firm in his refusal to associate with XRP. He emphasized two years of what he described as “harassment” from the XRP community as a central reason behind his decision. Furthermore, he highlighted the lack of technical overlap between Cardano and XRP as another significant obstacle.

Hoskinson clarified that XRP has a different focus and purpose compared to Cardano. While Cardano focuses on decentralization and smart contracts, XRP, according to Hoskinson, is designed as an interbank settlement system and a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) platform.

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Cardano and Ripple Have Nothing to do With Each Other

Hoskinson’s refusal to consider partnerships with XRP is also based on the perception that the XRP community has been directly involved in what he describes as “constant personal attacks” and continuous “harassment.” This hostility has created an unfavorable environment for constructive dialogue and the possibility of collaboration.

Despite Hoskinson’s promise not to comment further on the XRP situation in December 2022, he once again breaks that promise, eliciting negative responses from the XRP community, which responded with memes and accusations of corruption against the ADA founder.

The controversy between Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community persists, marked by fundamental disagreements, online confrontations, and a lack of prospects for collaboration on the horizon. The prolonged hostility between both parties further complicates the possibility of mutual understanding in the future. Without more, following the line of Cardano’s founder, the two companies, at their core, are entirely opposed, making close collaboration seem senseless.


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