5ireChain Goes Live with Testnet Thunder Beta

5ireChain Goes Live with Testnet Thunder Beta
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5ireChain, touted as one of the world’s first sustainable blockchain, launched Testnet Thunder Beta on February 13. The testnet which is open to the general public aims to boost decentralized application (dApp) adoption, ecosystem growth, and community engagement.

In the burgeoning world of technological refinement, the world of crypto seems to have hit nitro boosters. Blockchain companies all across the world are swiftly ramping up in order to bolster their networks. Multi-billion dollar companies are exploring blockchain technologies as a way of streamlining operations, cutting costs, improve customer experience, and increase trust.

Despite a tumultuous 2022, scores of organizations from all over the world are heavily investing in blockchain, the distributed-database technology, that underpins the entire cryptocurrency sector. Due to this exponential traction, blockchain companies have bumped up ways to transform their networks to better sustain the increasing traffic.

A New Testnet

On February 13, 5ire, which is one of the fastest growing layer 1 blockchain ecosystem designed with economic and environmental sustainability launched Testnet Beta as a means to further enhance the 5ireChain ecosystem. Some of the core features of the latest Testnet are multiple transaction pools to support parallel chains, a sustainability score based on the ESG index, randomized voting to prevent cartelization, and a reliability score that ensures credibility.

The blockchain platform was launched with the primary mission to build a scalable, decentralized and sustainable open-source blockchain with smart contracts and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliant services.

5ireChain Goes Live with Testnet Thunder Beta

Moreover, 5ire also launched various other programs such as “BuildToEarn Campaign”, that is designed to support early- stage developers to create dApps. As per the company, early builders will enjoy no or reduced gas fees, and receive nearly 40% of block rewards.

The platform will also run a referral program allowing developers to access 5ireChain’s toolkit, software development kit (SDK), Application Programming Interface (API) and other resources to help them build their applications. In a statement, Prateek Dwivedi, co-founder at 5ire said,

“The Testnet is the first glimpse of the 5ire’s potential to the world. As the CPO, I’m eagerly waiting to see people build on 5ire. Over the next few weeks, my single focus would be to collect and act on as much user feedback as possible, and test the limits of the 5ireChain Network.”

5ire is on a Roll

Recently, 5ire integrated Remix Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to improve adoption and facilitate smart contract development and deployment. The user interface (UI) integration on Remix IDE will include logos and themes, among other customizations.

Remix is an open-source Ethereum IDE that can be used by developers to write, compile and debug Solidity code. Solidity is a programming language designed particularly to build on top of Ethereum.

In addition, many prominent individual are associating with 5ire which is propelling the company’s image. On February 10, 5ire took to Twitter to announce that Donald Betts, President and co-founder of the North American Australian Lawyer Alliance (NAALA)  joined the comapny as a Board Advisor. Earlier this month, Apurva Chamaria, the Head of Partnership Solutions, Startups & Venture Capital at Google India joined 5ire as another board advisor.


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