ZetaChain Announces XP Airdrop Round 1 With 10 Million ZETA Rewards

zetachain airdrop
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  • ZetaChain will launch the first round of ZETA rewards airdrops based on the XP program on July 1, 2024, distributing up to 10 million tokens according to the May 2024 XP snapshot.
  • Over 80 million ZETA tokens have been distributed, including 31.5 million to ZetaLabs testnet users and 50 million for marketing initiatives on platforms.
  • The airdrop will reward users with at least 200,000 XP, and all applications on the platform are invited to submit proposals before July 1, 2024.

ZetaChain has announced the launch of the first round of ZETA rewards airdrops based on its XP program. This first round, starting on July 1, 2024, will distribute up to 10 million tokens to selected users, based on data collected in the first XP snapshot taken on May 1, 2024.

Since the launch of ZetaChain 1.0, over 80 million tokens have been distributed to users to foster network growth and adoption. Distribution included 31.5 million for ZetaLabs testnet users and 50 million allocated to various marketing initiatives such as OKX Jumpstart campaigns and promotional activities on platforms like TokenPocket and Bitget.

The primary goal of the XP airdrop is to encourage usage and growth of the ZetaChain network. Eligible users, those with at least 200,000 XP, will receive ZETA rewards. Additionally, all deployed applications on the platform have been invited to submit proposals analyzing XP data for rewards distribution. Applications must submit their requests before July 1, 2024, and after final deliberations, they can begin distributing rewards.

The XP airdrop also sets clear guidelines for participating applications. It requires at least 95% of rewards to be distributed to users, allowing up to 5% to be reserved for the development team to cover operational costs or future growth initiatives. Applications can define up to 15 reward tiers based on data from the XP snapshot and other sources.

zetachain airdrop

ZetaChain Sets Clear Criteria for Airdrop

To ensure transparency and fairness in reward distribution, applications must publish their reward criteria and mechanisms, and any analyses used to filter out fake users must be made public. Reward distribution must be completed by October 1, 2024. Any unallocated or undistributed tokens will be repurposed for other XP-focused programs.

ZetaChain will continue developing its ranking system to consider not only XP quantity but also recent activity and consistency. The community is invited to participate in the upcoming AMA on June 18 to address any questions and provide feedback on the program.

ZetaChain, as the first universal L1 blockchain, continues to innovate to provide an accessible, straightforward, and useful platform for any blockchain, enabling a unified user experience and centralized liquidity.


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