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vertex la nueva ico de inversores para inversores
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One of the most relevant technological and financial phenomena of recent years, is undoubtedly the ICOs. It has not only been a way of collecting monetary resources to put different projects into operation, but it has also been a technological and start-up epic of cryptoeconomics, with the implementation of tokens linked to projects of the most varied nature, generating an authentic revolution that even many refuse to warn.

However, not everything is rosy in this, the appearance of ICOs that concealed fraud has been very frequent and this has forced extreme caution for many when considering investing in a project. There are emerging platforms that seek to make things easier for users in this regard, and on one of these platforms we will talk here: Vertex.

What is vertex?

Vertex is presented as a new generation platform  of ICOs that will provide a complete and reliable ecosystem for the evaluation and validation of initial coins offering (ICO). There is certainly a growing need for a reliable platform that can provide the best and most extensive information about the ICOs that are coming to light.

Vertex plans to be precisely that platform, and brings its own characteristics to position itself soon as a reference of the first order in it.

When we talk about ICO we must necessarily observe that there are a huge number of platforms and projects supposedly based on blockchain that promise investors the possibility of earning a lot of money and selling themselves as a great panacea to solve the impossible.

Each project offers its version of the blockchain as a way to solve a real-life problem as the best possible option. However, many of these projects never see operational light for various reasons, and still others turn out to be a scam.

If there is a certain factor in addition to what was explained above, is that most ICOs are platforms whose projects are either unstable, or do not reach the minimum level of financial possibilities to function. Vertex will operate as a solution so that investors have access to the best possible information about the projects whose ICO will present on its platform.

vertex the new ico for investors

How does it work vertex?

The way in which this platform will operate marks a significant difference with respect to its competitors. Vertex will evaluate each ICO and after a rigorous background check process of those ICOs and their underlying projects will buy tokens from those ICOs that have approved the company’s standards.

Vertex will then sell these newly acquired tokens to users on its platform, with all the guarantees of viable crypto-investment. Vertex for its part will keep a portion of the tokens that it buys from each ICO as a way to show its particular interest as a company.

Vertex was designed so that new investors and the most experienced have a user-friendly experience and ease of use of the platform. They will thus have a platform that will provide peace of mind to those who invest in Tokens that have obtained the approval of the team of experts of the company.

Users of the platform will be able to buy tokens at lower prices than in the ICOs themselves in their formal public sale stages because Vertex will have acquired these tokens at an early stage at reduced prices.

Vertex has its own utility token, the VTEX, through which users will buy and sell tokens. The VTEX is designed to form an ecosystem focused on the disciplined crypto-investment and transparency of each ICO.

To know more details about this platform and be updated in their ICOs, we recommend you join their Telegram channel, and follow them on Twitter.


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