Twitter Launches its Bitcoin Tipping Function for iOS Users

Twitter Adds Ethereum (ETH) Support to Its Tips Feature
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Social media giant is diving further into the world of cryptocurrencies as it has launched a Bitcoin tipping function that will allow users to tip their favorite creators on Twitter using Bitcoin.

According to Esther Crawford, Twitter’s product lead for creator monetization, Bitcoin tipping function is initially available only to iPhone users and support for Android is coming in the next few weeks. With this function called Tips, users can now send and receive Bitcoin tips through an address or Lightning-enabled wallet.

The announcement reads:

“We’re also adding new payment options and, for the first time, allowing people to send Bitcoin tips through the use of a Bitcoin address or Lightning-enabled wallet.”

The company introduced tipping as a test feature back in May. Twitter already allows users to drop their payment profiles in their bios and in their Tweets. But this option is only for fiat currencies using more traditional payment services such as Square’s Cash app, PayPal’s Venmo, and Patreon.

Tipping feature will combine all this functionality in one button. Users can enable tipping function from their profile setting and when they do, a tipping icon will appear on their profile.

With the global launch of tipping for iOS users, Twitter has also enabled creators to receive Bitcoin tips from their fans. According to a blog post, the Bitcoin tipping function has been launched in partnership with Strike, a payment app built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network that also received funding from Twitter CEO. To make this possible, Twitter has integrated Strike’s newly-launched Strike API.

People in Strike’s operating territories (El Salvador and the US except Hawaii and New York) can sign up for a Strike account and add their Strike username to receive Bitcoin tips over the Lightning Network. Users can use any Bitcoin Lightning wallet to send tips to someone’s Strike account.

Twitter and its CEO have always been proponents of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Jack Dorsey and his other ventures are currently involved in many crypto and blockchain-focused projects including Bluesky, a decentralized exchange (DEX) focused on Bitcoin, and an open hardware wallet for Bitcoin.

Twitter has also hinted a move forward to the NFT space as on Thursday, September 23, the company also announced that they were experimenting with a feature that would allow users to authenticate and showcase their collections of NFT digital assets on the social network. Not much is revealed about this feature, but the company said that it is another way to support creators who make digital art.

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