Theta Network Announces its 2024 Roadmap and There are Huge News for Video, Media and AI

theta network
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  • Theta Network unveils its plans for 2024 with the launch of Theta EdgeCloud, merging edge computing and the cloud to empower video, media, and AI.
  • Theta EdgeCloud will be rolled out in phases throughout 2024, extending into 2025 with Phase 3.
  • In 2024, they plan to host the Theta Hackathon, introduce TNT20 staking, and enhance their Video API.

Theta Network, the renowned decentralized platform for video delivery and edge computing, disclosed its plans for the year 2024. The highlight of their roadmap is the introduction of Theta EdgeCloud, a groundbreaking technology that blends edge computing and the cloud to support advanced applications in video, media, and artificial intelligence.

The primary goal of Theta EdgeCloud is to provide infrastructure capable of managing immersive extended reality experiences, as well as cutting-edge video and AI technologies. The rollout will occur in phases throughout 2024, commencing with the first phase in the first half of the year. During this initial stage, they will launch cloud-hosted nodes capable of handling complex AI models and demanding tasks.

The essence behind EdgeCloud lies in achieving a balance between the low latency and widespread availability of edge computing, coupled with the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of cloud infrastructure. By merging these two approaches, Theta aims to create a powerful platform that can meet the needs of emerging technologies and deliver a high-quality user experience.

In addition to EdgeCloud, The platform plans to implement other enhancements and features throughout 2024. Notable among these is the organization of a special event called the Theta Hackathon, where they will showcase various ways to use their technology. They also plan to introduce TNT20 staking, allowing users to earn rewards by holding and staking their TNT20 tokens. Furthermore, they will work on improving their Video API to enhance its capability in handling videos.

Theta network

Theta Aims to Build a Global Computing Network Sustained by a Community of Nodes

In a later phase of the year, during EdgeCloud Phase 2, They will provide partners and users the opportunity to establish their own nodes using their preferred cloud providers, granting them greater control over their computing infrastructure. Concurrently, they will launch their fully decentralized Video API, facilitating decentralized video processing.

The platform’s plans extend until 2025, with the release of EdgeCloud Phase 3, creating an open marketplace connecting clients with edge nodes operated by community members. This step is crucial on its long-term vision of creating a global computing network powered by a community of node operators and infrastructure providers collaborating. The objective is to attract sufficient distributed infrastructure to meet the growing demand for secure and decentralized computing power.


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