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The Ethereum Classic Labs Incubator Launches a New Development Team, the ETC Labs Core

According to a recent blog post, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) Labs, a San Francisco-based incubator for Ethereum Classic (ETC) related projects, launched a new development team known as ETC Labs Core to not only build but also maintain core projects and create tools for Decentralized Application (DApp) developers.

In addition, the core developers will support other services related to the maintanace of the blockchain network including crypto mining. The ETC Labs Core team is composed of Constantine Kryvomaz, Michael Collison, Mike Lubinets, Shane Jonas, Stevan Lohja, and Zachary Belford, among several others.

ETC Labs Core’s Agenda

Ethereum Classic Agenda

According to the announcement on Medium, the team’s aim is geared towards the following development areas;

  1. DApps. The team plans to make the development of DApps on the ETC blockchain Easier by creating an easy to use GUI application for developers to deploy their DApps. ETC Labs Core team will create an easy to use smart contract Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Also, the team aims to make the ETC DApp development ecosystem more efficient by lowering operational cost related to libraries.
  2. Protocol. The team will review Ethereum’s Constantinople Hardfork before finalizing ECIP-1045 which will propose a subset of Byzantine and Constantinople upgrades.
  3. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EMV). The team will update EMV to make it compatible with Ethereum in order to support the two Hardforks.
  4. Data Analytics. This will basically involve Chain Analysis and Chain Monitoring Tooling meant to avoid the repeat of the 51% attack.
  5. Education. The team promises to continually support new and existing developers with tutorials and guides by providing a new documentation website.
  6. Design. The team will be conducting research before the DApp tooling in order to know more about the DApp development ecosystem.

The ETC Labs Core team will work together with the organization that finances Ethereum developments, ETC Coop, the engineering firm that helps develop crypto-related projects for academic institutions, corporations and government entities, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), ETC Labs and other Ethereum teams to put through all these changes.

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