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Tech Mahindra Uses Amazon Managed Blockchain Services to Provide Global Services

Tech Mahindra, one of the leading firms in India providing information technology services, announced a new set of services built on the blockchain.

The company will leverage the blockchain solutions from Amazon Web Services. The new blockchain-based services will be made on Amazon Managed Blockchain. All of the global customers using AWS can benefit from the new services.

When Blockchain And Cloud Services Meet

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading player in the cloud segment, provides blockchain infrastructure for developers. The Amazon Managed Blockchain is a service that offers the fundamental components needed to make blockchain networks. This open-source solution can help companies like Tech Mahindra to reach new customers easier.

Tech Mahindra will make new products on the Amazon Managed Blockchain and provide them to Amazon’s other customers and partners. The new products will be accessible through AWS Marketplace.

Tech Mahindra claims the new blockchain-based services will help enterprises in various industries, especially in their supply chain management system. Some of the new services are:

  • Kit Management (Aviation and Aerospace)
  • Outbound Logistics (Telecom Supply Chain)
  • Medical Material Track and Trace (Healthcare Supply Chain)


The new services from Tech Mahindra in the middle of the pandemic can help companies looking for some new innovative ways to operate. Rajesh Dhuddu, Blockchain and Cybersecurity Practice Leader, Tech Mahindra, said:

“Global businesses are facing sustained headwinds and struggling to collectively navigate and strategize in this new, unchartered territory and facilitate business continuity in the current COVID world. Ensuring supply chain continuity is paramount and needs more attention in the coming times. Organizations are advised to leverage technologies like blockchain to address the challenges and create a competitive advantage for themselves. Our collaboration with AWS will support future pandemic preparedness and accelerate an economic rebound post-COVID-19 for organizations operating global supply chains and eliminate siloes.”

Tech Mahindra has some plans for expanding its reach with the new blockchain services. They want to help firms in many industries like Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Travel and Logistics, and Healthcare to leverage the blockchain features and transform their business models.

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