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Lido DAO (LDO) Explodes 60% as Ethereum's Shanghai Upgrade Inches Closer

Lido DAO (LDO) Explodes 60% in 1 Week as Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade Approaches

Lido DAO (LDO), the native token of Lido Finance, has soared nearly 60% in the past one week in wake ...

Cardano Retracement, ADA in A Bear Flag But Will $0.37 Hold?

These are the Dates and Benefits of the Vasil Cardano Hard Fork According to a Developer

The expected date of the availability of Cardano Vasil Hard Fork is June 2, followed up by its availability of ...

BSC’s Bruno Hard Fork V1.1.5 what is it?

BSC’s Bruno Hard Fork V1.1.5 has Occurred, what is it?

BSC’s Bruno hard fork has occurred at block height 13,082,000 on Tuesday, November 30, to improve the blockchain network that was operating at its limit.


All Systems Go, Cardano Shelley Hard Fork Coming on July 29th

 After three years of research and development, Cardano is going to step into the decentralized era as IOHK CEO Charles ...

Unstoppable Domains Launches Decentralized P2P Chat Protocol Integrated with Ethereum

Ethereum Network Successfully Implements the Muir Glacier Hard Fork

The Ethereum network has successfully activated the latest network upgrade dubbed Mount Glacier or (Muir Glacier) which effectively introduced only ...

Aeternity [AE]

Aeternity [AE] Aeternity Developers Update their Platform Through the Hard fork LIMA

In a bid to outperform other developers and front their platform as the best, Aeternity developers have released a software ...

Ethereum [ETH] – Ethereum Community in Search of a New Hard Fork Coordinator

The search for a hard fork coordinator for the Ethereum network is ongoing after the position fell vacant following the ...

Ethereum [ETH] – Ethereum’s Star Researcher Zamfir Joins Forces with Blockchain Startup to Launch the Casper Upgrade Ahead of Ethereum

Vlad Zamfir, a core developer with the Ethereum blockchain has secured a role as the ‘Lead Consensus Protocol Architect’ with ...

Ethereum hardfork Constantinople delayed due to security breach

Ethereum’s hardfork Constantinople is delayed due to a security breach

On the 15th of January 2019, the Ethereum Core Developers and the Ethereum Security Community were made aware of the ...

Coinbase to Support the Upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hardfork

Coinbase to Support the Upcoming Ethereum [ETH] Constantinople Hardfork

The long-awaited Hard fork of Ethereum Constantinople is already approaching, and Coinbase, the digital currency exchange platform, already promises to ...

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