SWIFT Announces Platform to Link CBDCs with Global Finance System: A New Threat for Your Freedom

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  • SWIFT’s initiative to connect CBDCs contradicts the fundamental principles of decentralization that inspired the creation of cryptocurrencies.
  • It represents an attempt to maintain centralized control over the financial system, in opposition to the spirit of financial freedom and autonomy of cryptocurrencies.
  • SWIFT’s proposed centralization to facilitate CBDC interoperability raises serious concerns about privacy, security, and financial exclusion.

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, better known as SWIFT, announces plans to launch a platform aimed at connecting central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This initiative represents a blatant contradiction to the fundamental principles that drove the creation of cryptocurrencies.

CBDCs, driven by central banks, are a blatant attempt to maintain centralized control over the financial system, a practice that goes against the decentralized spirit of cryptocurrencies. While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin emerged as an alternative to the traditional financial system, offering financial freedom and autonomy from government control, CBDCs represent a regression towards an archaic and state-controlled model.

SWIFT’s announcement to facilitate the connection and interoperability between CBDCs is ultimately an attempt to legitimize and perpetuate a centralized financial system subject to government manipulation. By allowing central banks to control and supervise digital financial transactions, the principles of privacy and autonomy are undermined.

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SWIFT Endangers the Integrity and Economic Freedom of the Crypto World

Additionally, SWIFT’s platform initiative raises serious concerns about the privacy and security of financial data. By further centralizing control over digital transactions, a single point of failure is created that could be susceptible to cyberattacks and abuses by governmental entities and malicious actors.

Another concerning aspect of CBDCs is their potential to erode financial inclusion and perpetuate economic inequality. By relying solely on banking and governmental infrastructure, CBDCs exclude those who lack access to traditional banking services, perpetuating a system where the privileged exert disproportionate control over the economy.

SWIFT’s initiative represents a step backward in the pursuit of a fairer, more transparent, and decentralized financial system. Instead of promoting financial freedom and individual autonomy, CBDCs reinforce centralized control and dependence on the traditional banking system. It is imperative to vehemently reject this regression and defend the fundamental principles of the crypto industry: decentralization, privacy, and financial freedom.


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