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SushiSwap is Now live on Polygon

Polygon announced a strategic partnership with SushiSwap DeFi. The blockchain now supports the DeFi platform with 30M USD rewards for liquidity providers.

It’s excellent news for the blockchain community that has experienced considerable growth and user attraction in the past months. The $30M reward is planned for six major pairs on the SushiSwap DeFi. According to the announcement, $15M will be rewarded in SUSHI and $15M in MATIC tokens.

Expanding the Polygon Ecosystem

Polygon is an ambitious blockchain with numerous plans to expand the network and support decentralized applications. DeFi platforms can be a great choice for blockchains like Polygon, which plans to expand its reach by offering more services. SushiSwap is one of the most famous DeFi platforms in the blockchain industry, and their new partnership with Polygon may have incredible results for both platforms. Polygon and SushiSwap started a joint Liquidity Mining.

SushiSwap has lots of plans for expanding its user base and attracting more liquidity providers. The DeFi platform is focused on providing a multi-chain system, and that’s the reason we see SushiSwap ready on the Polygon network. Both platforms are trying hard to improve the access for the DeFi services. SushiSwap has introduced many features and programs, including Onsen, Kashi lending, BentoBox vaults, and MISO launchpad that all focus on improving the DeFi experience for users.


Polygon is aiming high to attract as many dApps as possible and encourage them to migrate from the Ethereum network. It claims to offer a better experience for developers and users. Some of the claimed features are faster transactions, native mobile apps. And a better SDK.

The joint liquidity mining program of Polygon and SushiSwap starts on May 7th with the following pairs: ETH-MATIC, ETH-WBTC, ETH-USDC, ETH-USDT, ETH-DAI, and ETH-AAVE.

The new program surely helps SushiSwap serve more users and also is great news for Polygon that plans to expand its reach. Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder, Polygon, said:

“Sushi revolutionized how we look at liquidity and farming, and we’re extremely thrilled to have SushiSwap’s innovations on Polygon. We’re sure the Polygon community will enjoy trading, lending, and using SushiSwap with near-zero fees and a superior user experience.”

Polygon team believes that their plans are well aligned with SushiSwap. They hope to expand their partnership with SushiSwap and run similar programs in the future. If SushiSwap becomes successful in plans with Polygon, we can expect considerable growth for both blockchains in terms of users and developers.

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