Sui Network Shatters Blockchain Limits: Achieves 8x Throughput Increase with Pilotfish Extension

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  • Mysten Labs and Sui introduce the Pilotfish prototype, a milestone in blockchain scalability.
  • Pilotfish increases the speed of smart contract execution in proportion to the number of machines used, demonstrating linear scalability.
  • The elastic scalability and low latency offered by Pilotfish open up new possibilities for the widespread adoption and application of blockchain in various industries.

A new era unfolds in the crypto industry with the recent advancements presented by Mysten Labs on the Sui network. In an announcement that is generating significant buzz in the community, Mysten Labs has revealed the success of their Pilotfish prototype, marking a significant achievement in blockchain scalability.

The team at Mysten Labs, comprised of experts in distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography, has provided conclusive evidence of the elastic scalability of blockchains. This achievement has been made possible through the development of Pilotfish, a prototype extension for the Sui network that has demonstrated a significant increase in smart contract processing capacity.

The key to Pilotfish’s success lies in its ability to increase the speed of smart contract execution in proportion to the number of machines used. During testing on the Sui blockchain, Pilotfish was able to increase processing capacity up to 8 times when backed by 8 machines, thus demonstrating the possibility of linear scalability. This advancement is particularly noteworthy as it reduces transaction latency as more machines are added to the system, marking a milestone in horizontal scalability for low-latency transactions.

The formal presentation of these advancements was made through an academic paper titled “Pilotfish: Distributed Transaction Execution for Lazy Blockchains,” published on January 29, 2024. This document details the results obtained during testing and highlights the feasibility of horizontal linear scalability for blockchain transactions.

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Sui and Mysten Labs Transform the Blockchain Industry Forever

According to Lefteris Kokoris-Kogias, one of the authors of the paper and researcher at Mysten Labs, Pilotfish represents a revolutionary change in the blockchain industry by offering dynamic capacity enhancement tools similar to centralized server technologies. This advancement will enable transaction performance levels never before seen in any existing blockchain.

On the other hand, Alberto Sonnino, a research scientist at Mysten Labs, emphasizes that Pilotfish eliminates the constraint of having to upgrade to more powerful machines to increase a validator’s capacity. Instead, the solution proposed by Pilotfish allows for horizontal scaling simply by adding servers, without delaying transaction execution.

With the elastic scalability and low latency offered by Pilotfish, new possibilities for widespread adoption and application of blockchain in a variety of industries and applications are emerging.


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