Sui Integrates with Stardust: Here is why this may be a revolution for Web3 Gaming

Stardust and Sui join forces to drive growth in Web3 games
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  • Stardust and Sui team up to simplify Web3 game development.
  • Full integration: Developers can launch games directly on the Sui blockchain.
  • Improved user experience: less technical friction, greater accessibility and fluidity in online games.

The collaboration between Stardust and Sui marks a significant milestone in game development in the decentralized web space, known as Web3.

Stardust, a provider of user acquisition and infrastructure services for online gaming, has announced a full integration with Sui, a Layer 1 blockchain and smart contracts platform.

This partnership seeks to simplify the process of integrating games into the company network, removing technical barriers and improving the experience for both developers and end users.

The integration allows game developers to launch their projects directly on the Sui blockchain, using the infrastructure and tools provided by Stardust.

This means that developers no longer have to deal with complicated technical integrations, significantly reducing friction in the process of developing and deploying games on the network.

Sui Integrates with Stardust: Why This Could Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

Collaboration facilitates greater accessibility and smoother experience for games developed on the Sui platform

Stardust, with its focus on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) technology, brings expertise in building wallet-as-a-service infrastructure and Web3-based user acquisition platforms.

These tools are especially beneficial for developers looking to stand out in a competitive market, as they take advantage of Web3‘s unique propositions, such as ownership and portability of digital assets.

For its part, the company  offers an environment conducive to game development, with advanced object compostability capabilities and high-speed transactions.

The platform stands out for its ability to handle a large volume of transactions while maintaining minimal gas fees, making it an attractive option for game developers looking to scale their projects efficiently.

The partnership forged between Stardust and Sui marks a notable leap forward within the realm of Web3 gaming.

This collaboration stands as a pivotal moment in the ongoing evolution of decentralized gaming platforms, signaling a concerted effort to streamline and enhance the development and user experience within this innovative space.

By simplifying the integration process and improving the user experience, both platforms are paving the way for continued and sustainable growth in the decentralized online gaming sector.


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