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Square Crypto Hires Three Developers

Square Crypto Hires Three Developers

Since its inception in March, Square Crypto has been on the lookout for brilliant minds to join its team to support any projects promoting the development of Bitcoin into the next era. In their search for developers, the Steve Lee lead firm just hired three more developers to join their team.

Per the tweets from Matt Corallo, the guy behind the tweets, Arik Sosman, Jeffery Czyz, and Valentine Wallace are joining Square Crypto as developers. With all-new developers coming in with years of experience, Square Crypto has fronted an excellent team to back its projects in the crypto space.

Jeffery Czyz is coming to Square from Google, while Arik will bring his expertise from having worked for BitGo and Libra Facebook’s projects. On the other hand, Wallace will be bringing the skills and knowledge he got from Lightning Labs.

While its developer’s team is now complete, on the other hand, Square Crypto is still in search of a senior designer. The designer will come in to focus on breaking down how the world interacts with Bitcoin and make it simple for everyone. With its main backbone in place, Square Crypto has now set its eyes at supporting the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Corallo finished off the tweeting session by urging Bitcoin enthusiasts to propose Bitcoin-based projects that they see proliferate the ecosystem. Through their feedback and proposals, the Lee lead team will pick its first project. However, per the tweets, every project that promotes the overall Bitcoin ecosystem will be considered.

However, another user thinks that Square needs Pierre Rochard, an excellent software engineer. Different posts came in containing different views. Others grabbed the opportunity and went ahead to ask for a job position from Square.

Apart from seeking employees, Square Crypto is also at the forefront of supporting other firms promoting Bitcoin development. Earlier this month, Square Crypto gave BTCPay Foundation a $100,000 grant in support of the development of its open-source crypto payment processor BTCPay Server. Apart from just coining out projects to support the development of the whole Bitcoin ecosystem, Square also sees the need to support other projects.