South Korean Agency Responsible For Military Acquisitions Launches a Pilot Program Based On Blockchain

South Korean Agency Responsible For Military Acquisitions Launches a Pilot Program Based On Blockchain
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South Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has just rolled out a trial blockchain solution to help in managing its operations. DAPA is responsible for handling all procurement accusations that come under the military.

In a bid to help streamline the whole process, improve overall operation together with putting in place an efficient, transparent and secure system, DAPA turned to blockchain technology.

To ensure a smooth, efficient and robust blockchain based defense business platform is made, DAPA will be working with Defense Agency for Technology and Quality and Korea’s Agency for Defense Development. The defense business platform will also handle all other business operations from the defense department.

In addition to streamline the whole process, the blockchain based solution will automate the entire acquisition process starting from bidding to the issuance of the contracts for different projects. Further on, the platform will also come in handy in other areas such as issuing of licenses and protecting information and data from agencies involved. Moreover, the solution will help the agency when it comes to the issuance of transportation permits for firearms by unifying its management. Similarly, it will also help get rid of the cumbersome brick and mortar paper-based documentation together with helping improve services delivery.

While DAPA is integration a pilot solution based on blockchain into its systems now, other agencies in South Korea are at the forefront of initiated blockchain based solutions on a trial basis on their networks.

At the leading front is the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) which is under the Ministry of ICT and launched six projects in 2018 and is set to increase these projects to 12 this year. Apart from that, the same agency said its increase its blockchain pilot budget with an addition of $9 million for the year 2019. Previous funds set aside for 2018 were of equal amount.

Besides the above, another blockchain based trial solution was also launched for the container shipping sector in South Korea. Just like in the case of DAPA, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries together with the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning are working together to achieve the integration of the blockchain solution for the container shipping sector.


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