SlowMist Reveals Surprising Report on Cryptocurrency Theft in the 2nd Quarter and the Most Common Malicious Tactics

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  • According to SlowMist, the second quarter of 2024 saw a alarming increase in security incidents in the crypto industry, with 467 cases of stolen funds.
  • The main causes include leaks of private keys stored in cloud services and downloading fake wallets from unofficial sources.
  • Advanced phishing and honeypot schemes have also significantly risen.

According to an analysis presented by SlowMist, a specialized blockchain security firm, the second quarter of 2024 has revealed a alarming rise in security incidents within the crypto industry. During this period, 467 cases of stolen funds were reported, with approximately $20.66 million frozen across 13 different platforms.

Among the main identified causes, leaks of private keys and the use of fake wallets stand out. Many users continue to store their keys or mnemonic phrases in cloud services like Google Docs or Baidu Cloud, significantly increasing the risk of information theft by hackers. Additionally, carelessness in downloading wallet applications from unofficial sources or clicking on fraudulent ads remains a common pathway to digital asset loss.

Phishing has also been a critical point in the reported incidents during the quarter. Advanced phishing attacks include creating fake accounts on social networks and Telegram groups, where scammers pose as legitimate projects to deceive users and gain access to their private keys.

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SlowMist Provides a Powerful Free Tool

Another type of scam that notably increased was the honeypot scheme, especially prevalent on the Binance Smart Chain. This method attracts investors with promises of high returns but prevents the sale of tokens once acquired, resulting in significant losses for those affected.

SlowMist has emphasized the importance of user education and the implementation of technical measures to mitigate these risks. They recommend using specialized tools like Scam Sniffer to block phishing websites and verify the authenticity of wallet addresses before conducting any transactions. They also urge users to read security guides and exercise caution when interacting with applications and online services, especially those requesting confidential information.

In response to these challenges, SlowMist offers free case evaluation services for victims of cryptocurrency theft. Affected users can use their platform to report incidents and synchronize hacker addresses in their threat intelligence network, InMist.

Strengthening cybersecurity in the crypto industry is urgent. With the ongoing evolution of attack tactics, awareness and preparedness are essential to protect digital assets and ensure the integrity of online transactions and platforms.


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