Sei’s Co-founder Reveals Secrets to Outpacing Ethereum and Solana. Major v2 Upgrade Promises Developer Revolution

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  • Jay Jog highlights the unique feature of Sei’s EVM Parallelization, which allows for high transaction speeds and enables developers to use ETH’s EVM.
  • The blockchain company aims to scale Ethereum Virtual Machines similarly to Solana.
  • The v2 upgrade will remove barriers for developers interested in implementing DeFi protocols on the Sei blockchain.

In a recent interview with cryptocurrency YouTuber Anthony Pompliano, Jay Jog, co-founder of Sei Labs, highlighted what sets Sei’s level 1 blockchain apart from its competitors.

Jog emphasized that their EVM Parallelization is a unique feature compared to other level 1 networks. This infrastructure allows the Sei blockchain to maintain high transaction speeds while enabling developers to use the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

According to the founder, although the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is an innovative technology, it was not built with scalability in mind. On the other hand, Jog praised Solana for scaling blockchains to support higher performance. Linking these concepts, the founder mentioned that the ultimate goal is to scale Ethereum Virtual Machines similarly to how Solana did.

Additionally, Jog pointed to the v2 upgrade as a catalyst that will attract more developers to the network. The upgrade will eliminate barriers for those looking to implement DeFi protocols on the Sei blockchain.

Sei Will Facilitate the Migration of Developers From Ethereum, Avoiding Code Reconfigurations

With over $57 billion in DeFi deposits on Ethereum, the founder stated that the upgrade could attract ETH developers to Sei. Those looking to make this transition will welcome the update, as it allows Ethereum developers to switch to Sei without having to reconfigure their code.


In the coming years, Jog said they have the potential to become one of the leading level 1 blockchains. Meanwhile, this level 1 blockchain, proud to be the fastest of all, is one of the projects that has gained the most attention from the crypto community since last year.

Recent CoinMarketCap data shows that the token experienced a slight increase in the last 24 hours. Over the past seven days, it lost 0.52% of its value. At the time of writing, it is trading at $0.632.

Jog’s founded blockchain aspires to differentiate itself from its competition by improving scalability through EVM Parallelization, attracting developers through the v2 upgrade, and positioning itself as one of the leading level 1 blockchains. Over time, we will see the results they achieve through their enhancements.


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