Santiment Reveals Crypto’s Top Real World Assets by Development: These Altcoins Could be the New Gems

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  • Santiment unveils a report on developer activity in RWA cryptocurrencies, highlighting their growing interest over the past month.
    The list of the top ten RWA altcoins includes projects like Maker DAO, Oraichain, and Polymesh Network, which experienced a significant surge in development activity.
    Chainlink emerges as the RWA altcoin with the highest developer activity, followed by Synthetix and Centrifuge.

In recent days, Santiment, a renowned cryptocurrency analysis platform, has revealed intriguing data regarding developer activity in real-world asset (RWA) backed cryptocurrencies. These represent tangible assets such as bonds, real estate, and commodities, and have been the focus of both investors and developers in the past month.

The list encompasses the top ten RWA altcoins, as per Santiment, including names like Maker DAO (MKR), Oraichain (ORAI), and Polymesh Network (POLYX), among others. These projects are experiencing a significant uptick in development activity, indicating a latent growth phenomenon and continuous diversification in the real-world asset-backed crypto market.

According to Santiment’s analysis, Chainlink (LINK) has emerged as the RWA altcoin with the highest developer activity in the last 30 days. Chainlink has played a pivotal role in the crypto industry, particularly in integrating real-world data into smart contracts.

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LINK, SNX, and CFG Lead Santiment’s List

In addition to Chainlink, other altcoins have also garnered developer attention. Synthetix (SNX) and Centrifuge (CFG) rank next on Santiment’s list. The increase in development activity signifies a growing interest in exploring the capabilities and applications of real-world asset-backed assets in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

The significance of real-world asset-backed assets lies in their ability to tokenize tangible assets and enable their integration into the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. This not only enhances the liquidity of these assets but also makes them more accessible to a wide range of investors.

Santiment’s analysis addresses the growing interest and development activity surrounding real-world asset-backed altcoins. A trend that suggests an exciting future for the tokenization of tangible assets and one that investors should closely monitor to not miss out on any opportunities.


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