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Russian Customs Officials Detain a Person Trying to Smuggle Four Crypto Mining Devices via the Mongolian Border

The thriving cryptocurrency mining sector has attracted quite a lot of people leading to many in areas with low electricity charges want to join the industry.

Due to that push of making some profits, one person from Mongolian tried to smuggle four crypto mining devices via the Tashant border post. However, per info online from the Customs office, the Mongolian citizen was arrested and the crypto mining equipment confiscated. The Mongolian citizen was found with four ASIC crypto mining devices together with connected microcircuits.

After failing to provide any official documentation for the mining equipment, the smuggler was arrested by Altai customs officials. Now the detainee has to answer to an administrative case lodged in the court. Although found in possession of undeclared goods, the detainee will have to answer to charges regarding not declaring the equipment and breaking laws in place.

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In a similar case, a Chinese citizen was arrested at the Borispol international airport after authorities discovered his bags contained undeclared products. Upon carrying out a further search, State Border Service and Customs officials found power supply units, system units for mounting crypto mining devices, motherboards, and other devices. The Chinese citizen had traveled from Beijing and was heading to Ukraine. However, now he has to answer to charges of smuggling goods without proper documentation.

As the above detainees prepare to appear in court, on the other hand, Russian authorities are finalizing the case of three Russian scientists who used a supercomputer to mine crypto. However, in the latter case, the three have already been fined 450,000 rubles ($7,000). Per info, the scientists had taken over a nuclear lab in Sarov Russia and were using its supercomputer to mine bitcoin.

While the scientist’s case has come to an end, such cases in Russia have increased with many taking advantage of low electricity prices to mine crypto. However, governments are moving to formalize this activity.

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