Robert Kiyosaki Predicts $10 Million Bitcoin After “Biggest Crash in History”

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  • Robert Kiyosaki warns of an imminent market collapse that will affect real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, and Bitcoin.
  • He predicts that the collapse will set the stage for a long-term bullish market cycle starting in late 2025, where BTC could reach a historical high of $10 million.
  • He highlighted the decreasing trust in traditional money and compared the current situation to the collapse of the German Reichsmark and Zimbabwean dollar.

Robert Kiyosaki, renowned author of the bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has issued a warning about an imminent market collapse, which he believes will be the largest in history. The magnate predicts that this downturn will heavily impact various sectors, including real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, and Bitcoin. However, he views this recession not only as a catastrophe but also as a golden opportunity for astute investors.

The author suggests that the upcoming price collapse will pave the way for a long-term bullish market cycle. According to Kiyosaki, this cycle will begin in late 2025 and continue to drive prices up for several years. In this context, he has urged his followers to consider buying Bitcoin at discounted prices, anticipating it could reach a historical high of $10 million after the fall.

Kiyosaki stated on social media platform X that technical charts indicate the arrival of the largest collapse in history, emphasizing that this would be a good time to acquire bargains in the market. He also highlighted that the bullish cycle presents an opportunity that precious metals and BTC investors have been waiting for.

Mixed Reactions to Kiyosaki’s Predictions

Robert believes that the United States is in a critical situation as the most indebted nation in history and that trust in traditional money is rapidly declining. He compared the current situation to historical events such as the collapse of the German Reichsmark and the Zimbabwean dollar. He argued that more people are becoming aware of the realities of the global financial system.

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The 77-year-old veteran investor is confident that, following the collapse, traditional assets like gold and silver could reach prices of $15,000 and $110 per ounce, respectively. For Bitcoin, he predicts it could “easily” reach $10 million. Currently, BTC is trading around $57,200, having dropped by 5.4% in the last 24 hours. The bearish trend has sparked fear in the market, as reflected by the Fear and Greed Index, which stands at 44.

Reactions to Kiyosaki’s predictions have been mixed. Some support his statements, while others are skeptical, noting he has been issuing similar warnings for years. A user criticized the apparent inconsistency in the author’s advice, pointing out he has recommended accumulating gold, silver, and BTC, yet now predicts their collapse.

Despite the criticism, Kiyosaki remains a staunch advocate of Bitcoin. In June, he stated that investing in the cryptocurrency is “the easiest path” to becoming a millionaire, continuing to advise his followers to buy cryptocurrencies as the US dollar weakens. He also mentioned the potential threat from BRICS nations, which are working on a gold-backed stablecoin, as a factor that could further complicate the dollar


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