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Ripple [XRP] Hires More Experts

After making some changes to the services it offers recently, it seems Ripple didn’t stop there. However, this time around, changes are coming in the form of hiring more employees.

Through the new hires, Ripple hopes to stir its firm to the next level. Besides hiring more executives, Ripple also joined the Blockchain Association. Among the new hires is Michelle Bond, who will also be seating on the association’s board as Ripple’s representative.

The other new employees are Susan Friedman, Ron Hammond, and Craig Phillip. In total, four new employees are joining Ripple‘s team. However, three excluding Bond will be part of Ripple’s global regulatory team. With each bringing on board their extensive knowledge in their respective fields, Ripple is in good hands.

Responsibilities of the New Team

As the new employees settle in and prepare to take over their new duties, their years of experience make them the best candidates for the new positions. Ron Hammond‘s previous job as a Legislative Assistant to Representative Warren Davidson makes him the best candidate for Ripple’s Government Relations manager.


On the other hand, Ripple’s International Policy Counsel Position will be filled by Friedman, who was previously Heath Tarbert CFTC Chair Senior Advisor. Friedman isn’t new to the international market since he was serving as the Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for International Markets while at CFTC. His previous experience will come in handy as he assumes the roles of International Policy Counsel at Ripple.

Phillips will be Ripple’s Strategic Regulatory Opportunities Advisor. Phillips is joining Ripple from the United States Treasury Department. In the Treasury Department, he was the Counselor to the Secretary and was part of the team that worked on the Executive Order 13772. Though he’s joining Ripple on advisory roles, his experience befits the new responsibilities.

Apart from getting new and experienced executives on its Global Regulatory board, Ripple is eyeing on taking on the crypto sector as it expands into other markets. For that, joining other lobbyists and regulators in the Blockchain Association will act in its favor as the startup enters other markets.

For the above, Ripple tasked Michelle Bond as its representatives on the board. With his experience as a Senior Counsel, together with having worked as head of global regulatory affairs, Bond is the perfect individual to be Ripple’s board representative.

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