Ripple CTO Sparks Controversy: New Governance Proposal Faces Scrutiny

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  • David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple, publicly endorsed a governance proposal for the XRPL Foundation.
  • David Fuelling’s proposal aims to improve transparency and democracy in XRPL governance.
  • The proposed modifications aim to open up active community participation and promote decentralization principles.

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, expressed his support for a new proposal for the governance structure of the XRPL Foundation. In a series of posts, Schwartz emphasized the importance of community involvement in this proposal, describing it as a “strawman” meant to encourage open dialogue and gather diverse suggestions.

This proposal for Ripple, put forward by David Fuelling, has the primary goal of enhancing transparency and the democratic process in XRPL governance. Schwartz stressed that participation does not require permissions, and any community member has the right to contribute ideas. His public endorsement of Fuelling’s proposal highlights the intention to bring XRPL governance to higher levels of transparency and inclusion.

The suggested modifications seek to establish a more democratic framework, inviting the community to actively participate in the foundation’s evolution. Fuelling addressed XRPL community concerns about the timing and motivation behind his proposal to revolutionize the governance structure. He explained that his proposal arises from a community sentiment that yearns for a more impactful voice in XRPL matters.

ripple xrp

The Ripple Proposal Aims to Promote Democratic Participation and Decentralization of the XRPLF

Through his proposal, Fuelling seeks to align more closely with the principles of decentralization and democratic organization. He clarifies that his proposal is not a criticism but a personal vision to improve the existing foundation structure, proposing a clearer membership model and sustainable funding mechanisms.

Fuelling’s vision extends towards transforming Ripple and XRPLF into a more inclusive entity governed by its members. He shared his proposal with foundation leaders and developers before making it public, seeking transparent dialogue with the community rather than private deliberations.

Despite some concerns raised about the implications of the proposal, Fuelling maintains that the goal is to enable sustainable funding for the foundation without compromising its integrity. He calls for a collective effort to refine the proposal, ensuring alignment with the community’s ethics and the foundation’s fundamental purpose.


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