Polygon Labs Strengthens its Focus on ZK Solutions with a Key Structural Change

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  • Polygon Labs, behind MATIC, appoints Sandeep Nailwal as the new CBO to drive ZK solutions and CDK development.
  • The company’s focus is on continuous innovation and expanding the scope and functionality of the CDK to enable the creation of new L2 chains on Ethereum.
  • Nailwal will lead the integration and adoption of the decentralized AggLayer protocol, offering scalability and liquidity opportunities for developers and businesses.

Polygon Labs, the company behind MATIC, has announced a significant structural change aimed at a new focus on zero-knowledge (ZK) solutions. This change involves the appointment of Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder and CEO, to a new role as Chief Business Officer (CBO), with the aim of driving the development and adoption of ZK solutions, including the Contract Development Kit (CDK).

Polygon Labs aims to continue growing through constant innovation. With Nailwal at the helm in his new role, the company will focus on expanding the reach and functionality of the CDK, a ZK-based tool designed to enable developers to create new layer 2 (L2) chains on Ethereum and transition between chains efficiently.

Additionally, Nailwal will lead the integration and adoption of the recently launched decentralized AggLayer protocol, released in February 2024. AggLayer, consisting of two components, aims to provide developers and businesses with opportunities to scale quickly and securely while accessing the liquidity necessary for their operations.

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Polygon: The Face of Innovation

Polygon Labs is heading towards technological excellence and widespread adoption of advanced blockchain solutions. Over the past two years, Nailwal has played a crucial role as CEO, overseeing the company’s strategy and execution.

Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon, has praised Nailwal’s contribution and commitment to the blockchain industry. Boiron highlighted that Nailwal’s leadership and vision will be essential to take the company to the next level in its mission to offer transformative technology to developers and businesses worldwide.

Launched in 2017, Polygon has become a leading blockchain platform addressing scalability and adoption challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem. With innovative solutions like ZK and L2, its native token, MATIC, has remained in a price range close to $0.73 throughout the last month, according to CoinMarketCap data.


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