PancakeSwap Announces 2.4M zkSync Token Airdrop After Hitting $3B Trading Volume

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  • PancakeSwap will conduct an airdrop of 2,452,128 zkSync (ZK) tokens from July 5 to August 5, 2024, as a token of appreciation to its community for their continuous support.
  • The DEX has surpassed $3.6 billion in trading volume, reached $5.8 million in TVL, and registered over 1.9 million active traders in the past year.
  • The airdrop will benefit veCAKE holders and users who have contributed to the zkSync PancakeSwap ecosystem, also incentivizing future participation.

PancakeSwap has announced an initiative to reward its community by conducting an airdrop of 2,452,128 zkSync (ZK) tokens. The event will start on July 5 at 10:30 am UTC and will extend until August 5 at 10:30 am. This measure is intended as a recognition of the community’s support for the deployment of zkSync on PancakeSwap, which has been active since July 2023.

In the past year, PancakeSwap has achieved significant milestones. It has surpassed $3.6 billion in trading volume, reached a total value locked (TVL) of $5.8 million, and registered over 1.9 million active traders. The DEX has garnered great acceptance among the public.

The ZK token airdrop is designed to reward various groups within the PancakeSwap community. veCAKE holders will be among the main beneficiaries, being rewarded for their loyalty and support. Additionally, users who have actively contributed to the  ecosystem, whether through trading, providing liquidity, participating in zkSync campaigns, using the zkSync prediction product, or voting in zkSync gauges, will also be eligible to receive the tokens.

PancakeSwap Wants to Reward Both Old and New Users

The initiative also aims to incentivize future participation. The DEX hopes that by including future traders and liquidity providers in the airdrop, it will foster growth and maintain the ecosystem’s vitality. This strategy ensures that both current and new users have the opportunity to benefit and contribute to the platform’s development.

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To participate in the airdrop, eligible users must connect their wallet to the PancakeSwap homepage and follow the instructions. The process has been simplified, covering gas fees thanks to zkSync’s paymaster feature, allowing users to make their claims at no cost. It is important to note that unclaimed tokens during the airdrop period will be reallocated for the platform’s development and other community initiatives.

Additionally, it was revealed that Matter Labs, the developer behind zkSync, has faced accusations of “internal minting” of NFTs related to its Libertas Omnibus series. However, the company has refuted these accusations, clarifying that the NFTs were legitimately acquired by event attendees or through valid interactions.


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