Optimism Unleashes Blockchain Evolution: Layer-3 Apps Joining the OP Stack for Unprecedented Growth

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  • Optimism is advancing its Superchain platform to drive the development of layer 3 applications.
  • Layer 3 developers can join Superchain to leverage the OP Stack and share revenue with OP Collective.
  • Superchain, a layer 2 chain network, now incorporates layer 3 applications, strengthening the Ethereum ecosystem and offering benefits such as retroactive funding, airdrops, and developer grant programs.

Optimism has announced advancements in its Superchain platform aimed at empowering the development of layer 3 applications. The initiative seeks to expand OP’s capabilities by providing developers with advanced tools to build layer 3 decentralized applications (DApps) on the OP Stack.

Layer 3 developers can join Superchain, where they can utilize the OP Stack to create their applications and share revenue with Optimism Collective. The OP Stack, an open standard codebase, is available to layer 2 chain deployers and application builders. It can also be leveraged by the layer 3 developer community.

Superchain is a network of layer 2 chains, known as OP Chains, that offers security, communication layers, and open-source technology. Now, with the incorporation of layer 3 applications, Superchain will become an even more robust and diverse ecosystem to strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem.

Layer 3 developers choosing to join Superchain will have access to a range of benefits, including eligibility for retroactive funding, airdrops, and developer grant programs. However, it was noted that there may be limitations on certain features, such as interoperability, for layer 3 applications.

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Community Criticism Towards Optimism

To support layer 3 builders, Optimism is implementing two key features in the OP Stack: custom gas tokens and “Plasma Mode.” Custom gas tokens allow developers to use layer 2 tokens as native gas tokens for their layer 3 protocols, reducing onboarding costs and simplifying the development process. On the other hand, “Plasma Mode” offers an efficient alternative to the data availability layer, which can reduce operating costs for layer 3 applications compared to layer 2.

Despite these technological advancements, some members of the community, such as Polygon CEO Marc Boiron, have expressed doubts about the need for layer 3 networks and highlight potential security risks. However, Optimism continues to seek to make Superchain more accessible and functional for a wide range of applications and use cases in the Ethereum ecosystem.

For now, Optimism’s goal is to continue offering new opportunities and functionalities for DApp developers and users, focusing on innovation and accessibility.


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