Optimism Airdrops $26 Million Worth of Tokens to Ethereum Users

Optimism Airdrops $26 Million Worth of Tokens to Ethereum Users
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Optimism, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has announced its third round of token airdrop to reward its early adopters and supporters. The airdrop will distribute 19.4 million OPT tokens, worth about $26 million at the current market price. 

Optimism is a protocol that aims to improve the scalability, speed, and cost of Ethereum transactions by using optimistic rollups, a technique that moves most of the computation and storage off the main chain and onto a second layer.

Optimism Keeps Going with its Airdrop Strategy

Optimism has conducted two previous rounds of airdrops. The first one, which took place on June 1, 2022, gave out 200 million Optimism (OP) tokens to 250,000 early adopters and active users of the network. The second one, which happened on July 15, 2022, awarded over 11 million OP tokens to 307,965 unique addresses, recognizing users and governance participants.

Optimism Keeps Going with its Airdrop Strategy

Airdrop 3 is the third round of token distribution by the company, which aims to reward those users and governance participants who did not receive the previous airdrops. It began on Monday, September 18, at 18:10 UTC and the eligible recipients are the addresses that have delegated their voting power with OP tokens between January 20 and July 20, 2023.

The eligibility criteria for the airdrops are divided into two categories: one for OP Mainnet users and one for L1 Ethereum users. The OP Mainnet users need to meet two criteria: they need to be early adopters or active users of the network. 

The L1 Ethereum users need to meet four criteria: they need to participate in positive-sum governance, contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem, or engage with the OP community.

Optimism is the second-biggest Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, based on the total value locked (TVL) in its network. Optimism has a TVL of $829.56 million, with more than 1.522 million total users and 11,909 daily users. The data indicates that the TVL of OP has increased by 2.53% in the last 24 hours.


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