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An airdrop is when a blockchain project decides to distribute all or part of its tokens for free to the people that make up a community, company or any other entity. They are achieved through activities that must be carried out or by fulfilling a series of requirements.

Currently airdrop have been becoming a way to make Online Marketing easier, trying to viralize their projects through users. Many people do not have the way to invest in cryptocurrencies, so this facilitates access to them.

For some time ICOs have been very immersed in the markets, so much so that some have been encouraged to give away coins only by following some steps, such as following them on their social networks or sharing their links.

How does it work?

To be a recipient of an airdrop, the main requirement is to open an account in bitcointalk, because most airdrops request the nick to access. On the other hand, it is recommended that you work on the account to be able to increase your rank and obtain more benefits.

In turn you must have cryptocurrencies of the blockchain on which this project is based. That is, if the company that performs the airdrop is based on Ethereum, it will be necessary to have a certain amount of ETH.

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Also, there is another very common way in which it is requested to fill out a form with the address where we want to receive the airdrop token. In many airdrops it is requested to send retweets, follow Facebook pages, register in Telegram groups, give an email and of course, an address of Ethereum, Waves, NEM or even NEO.

It should be noted that it is necessary, if you are willing to hunt airdrops open an exclusive account in some social networks for this. Especially in Telegram, since messages will be received through it.

DeepOnion uses airdrop

DeepOnion is a cryptocurrency with great advantages, since it has integrated the Tor network, to increase the level of privacy and provide greater security. A curiosity of this currency is that it does not use an ICO, but it uses airdrop to provide greater comfort to its followers. In the same way it allows to obtain publicity for free.

To obtain it, only a few requirements must be met:

  • It is necessary to have at least a Jr member account in bitcointalk with its respective ID in the signature.
  • Register in deeponion.
  • Have at least 50 onions in your wallet given by deeponion.

GATCOIN technology airdrop

GATCOIN is a business solution for global merchants to broadcast their own digital tokens, to a mass audience of consumers. This allows retailers to issue their own cryptocurrencies to users, to replace the traditional discount coupons, loyalty points and gift vouchers.

This type of A-Drop technology will take people to different establishments through demographic and geographical data, making it possible through blockchains to seek their rewards in the form of valid cryptocurrencies for loyalty programs.

Simon Cheong, founder and CEO of the emerging blockchain company GATCOIN, sees Starbucks sending cryptocurrencies to users every time they visit one of their stores.

Consequently, recently revealed in a conference Blockshow Asia in Singapore, the new technology called “targeted airdrop” (distribution of virtual currencies to a specific audience) of this company. The targeted airdrop brings a completely new dimension to cryptospace.

GATCOIN will initially be launched through a retail network of more than 60,000 stores and 21 major global brands in Asia this year, through the SK Planet Japan social gifts program.

Airdrops ICO’s giving away tokens


Some ICO’s are distributing coins, all you have to do is register and wait for it to be listed in an Exchange to later sell or save them. In turn you must link the Twitter or Telegram account.

Viuly (list in Exchange): VIU tokens are the tool to transfer value between advertisers, content creators, users and people who support the network. It is an ERC20 token issued in the Ethereum protocol to allow full transparency of payments.

  • Free 50 Viulys
  • Current Price $ 0.0239

Kocurrency: The function of this is to reward you for your intelligence to predict the prices of some cryptocurrencies, they ask you a question about whether you will raise or lower the price of X currency, at that time. But always betting on your intelligence, if you get it right you get double the intelligence of the amount wagered.

  • Free 1 Kucoin

Sphere (available app): Sphere is a next generation, decentralized social network. The network will contain your own cryptocurrency token like Streem.

  • 50 Spheres per registration
  • Sale proposed for this month

Cryptocarbon CCRB: With this currency can be spent or sold through its internal shopping platform in more than 35,000 points of sale and in more than 200 countries. In addition, you can also extract more CCRB in the internal platform when you buy products and services, this being a great advantage that differentiates most cryptocurrencies.

  • Free 1.22 CRBB = $ 5

Qoinpro (Wallet): Wallet and News Network about bitcoin. Give away multiple cryptocurrencies daily (13): Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Digitalcoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, Fedoracoin, Infinitecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and Virtacoin. Maybe the best one.


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