OPNX Abruptly Closes Doors Amid Regulatory Turmoil – Users Urged to Settle Positions by Feb 7

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  • The crypto platform OPNX, formerly known as Coinflex, announced its closure for February.
  • Despite obtaining licenses, the exchange struggled with strict regulations.
  • Criticism over associations with Kyle Davies and Su Shu, plus a $2.8 million fine, precipitated the cessation of operations.

In an unexpected move for the industry, Open Exchange (OPNX), previously known as Coinflex, has just announced its imminent closure, scheduled for this February. This decision marks the end of a platform that, at its peak, was a hub for cryptocurrency derivatives and claims trading.

The OPNX team communicated this information to its users, expressing gratitude to the community that formed around the platform. Additionally, they established crucial dates for users to take necessary actions before February 7.

The decision to close does not come in isolation but is the result of various regulatory challenges and controversies that affected the platform. Despite OPNX’s proactive efforts to adapt to the complex regulatory landscape, including obtaining a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license from Lithuania, the platform could not completely disassociate itself from past controversies.

opnx exchange

OPNX Yields to Fines and Regulatory Pressure

The platform’s connections with notable figures like Kyle Davies and Su Zhu, co-founders of the now-defunct Three Arrows Capital, cast a persistent shadow over its operations. The strict action by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, imposing a significant ban on these figures, raised crucial questions about the future and stability of the crypto platform. This association became a sticking point, attracting scrutiny and fueling the platform’s regulatory woes.

The complexity of OPNX’s operational environment was exacerbated by stringent penalties imposed by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). These fines, amounting to a substantial $2.8 million, were levied due to infringements related to marketing and advertising standards. This financial burden, coupled with fines imposed on individual founders, demonstrates the heightened regulatory oversight and control to which the platform was subjected, further complicating its operational landscape.

Faced with the imminent closure, OPNX orchestrated a structured shutdown process. This approach highlights the seriousness of the situation and the platform’s dedication to ensuring a secure and orderly exit for its users. The urgency and precision of the recommended actions are crucial to safeguard the assets and interests of each user on the platform.


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