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Odyssey Tron’s MainNet Blockchain Platform to Get an Upgrade into Version 3.6 Soon

Being regarded as the best and most potential public chain in the crypto space isn’t a small title to bear, and for Justin Sun, he has been pushing his developers in the background to do their best. In their latest development, Tron developers have hinted on their Tron MainNet which runs on Odyssey getting an uplift to version 3.6.

Although the date for the upgrade is unknown, Odyssey version 3.6 will bring in a magnitude of new features which will propel Tron further into not only the best but public chain with the most potential. Through their combined efforts, researchers will introduce a more lightweight built-in server which comes with added protocol data check.

New Features Coming With Odyssey Version 3.6

First and foremost, Odyssey V3.6 will unveil a set of new instructions which will be added on TVM. They include extcodehash, bitwise shifting, create2, among others. Further on in V3.6, contract deplorer’s will be able to clear the contract’s existed ABI. The latter will help improve privacy feature of the contracts.

On the other hand, for developers of DApp, the lightweight built-in server gives them the power to customize their events services if they activate the feature. Moreover, data check protocols will be more advanced. The latter will get rid of malicious code. Furthermore, on the side of users, they get transaction permissions settings, which comes with multi-signature feature. On the last new feature, Tron network stability gets an uplift through the optimization of the P2P network and the block/transaction broadcasting process for gRPC/HTTP interface.

As per now, developers can create and deploy their DApps right at Tron ecosystem without having any difficulties. As more new features come in, the work of developers building on Tron platform will be excellent. Besides just being able to beat Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem in terms of transaction speeds, Sun has set his eyes at beating his competitors when it comes to DApps development. Furthermore, he’s living to the title of his platform as the platform with the most potential.

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