Tron TRX returns to revolutionize the blockchain Dapps space with the acquisition of CoinPlay

Tron TRX returns to revolutionize the blockchain Dapps space with the acquisition of CoinPlay
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Though it’s still a relatively new platform, Tron platform has taken over the crypto space with a bang through launching its USDT token through collaboration with Tether. However, having conquered the crypto world, Justin Sun Tron CEO set his eyes on the backbone of crypto blockchain technology. First of all, he took over the largest peer to peer network and created the BitTorrent token. The latter made the BitTorrent become the largest decentralized blockchain platform. However, now we have CoinPlay the first of its kind a blockchain app center. Through the latter being part of the Tron ecosystem, CoinPlay is the first App and DApp center for the blockchain sector.

Contents of CoinPlay

Currently getting a blockchain based apps is a hustle for all stakeholders in the industry. However, now we have CoinPlay which is a store for all types of blockchain apps. The latter has not only apps but also houses DApps for users. With a click of button, users worldwide can download and install a game or software from CoinPlay center. Besides games, CoinPlay also has app ratings to enable users to learn more about the app before installation. In addition to the ratings, CoinPlay provides users with high-end content from across the crypto space together with graphic tutorials for new users.

 CoinPlay the first of its kind a blockchain app center

Moreover, the app store comes with browser navigation features, and that’s not all. It also contains a dedicated section for practical guides and indices of major coins. In addition to the above, the store blueprint includes future development to support GitHub query and multi-platform transaction volume/transactions prices alongside supporting multi-currency real-time quotes.

After taking over Tron together with assuming ownership of BitTorrent, Justin Sun has been steering the platform as a whole to the right direction. Right now the platform has been upgraded into Mainnet V3.5. With the latter coming in with excellent features all at the disposal of Tron customer base. More developments were made through the hardfork, and now the blockchain app store is available. Through the store, Sun is developing his platform to stir the blockchain DApp sector to enable more people to use blockchain based dapp. All in all the above is also acting in favor of Tron and will see him attract more investors.


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