NiceHash Partners with Marathon Digital to Launch High-Efficiency ASIC Firmware

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  • NiceHash and Marathon Digital Holdings collaborate to launch a custom firmware designed to optimize Bitcoin ASIC miners.
  • The firmware includes features such as auto-tuning, customizable cooling profiles, and thermal protection, promising to enhance ASIC device efficiency.
  • Available through platforms like ASIC Manager and Foreman, the firmware offers a fee of 2%, reduced to 1.4% for miners using NiceHash as their primary pool.

NiceHash, the leading cryptocurrency mining platform, has announced a partnership with Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) to release a custom firmware aimed at optimizing Bitcoin ASIC miners. This new product, named NiceHash Firmware and developed in collaboration with MARA, aims to revolutionize the efficiency and profitability of ASIC equipment used in BTC mining.

The firmware leverages MARA’s advanced technology to offer innovative features specifically designed to increase ASIC device efficiency. Functionality includes auto-tuning capabilities, customizable profiles for cooling systems (air, hydro, or immersion), intelligent thermal protection, and a custom dashboard for detailed ASIC performance monitoring.

According to Vladimir Hozjan, CEO of NiceHash, this partnership addresses the need for a suitable firmware solution for ASIC miners, filling a gap in their product portfolio. Hozjan emphasized the quality and reliability of the firmware developed by MARA, highlighting that this collaboration will enable the company to stay ahead in such a dynamic industry as crypto mining.

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NiceHash Offers Competitive Fees

The firmware is available to all Bitcoin miners through platforms like ASIC Manager, Foreman, and Awesome Miner, ensuring seamless integration with existing operations. Additionally, it is offered at a competitive fee of 2%, reduced to 1.4% for miners using NiceHash as their primary pool.

This launch aims to optimize miners’ profitability, especially post-Bitcoin halving. The company emphasizes its commitment to technological innovation and continuous improvement of its services to meet the growing demands of an ever-evolving industry.

With the introduction of firmware powered by Marathon Digital Holdings’ proven technology, a significant improvement in operational efficiency and profitability of ASIC miners worldwide is expected. This initiative represents a crucial technological advancement that will democratize access to advanced mining tools, benefiting miners of all sizes and promoting greater decentralization in Bitcoin’s global hashrate.


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