Etherparty: create your own smart contracts

Blockchain technology is proving to have versatile scopes, and one of its best possibilities is represented in smart contracts. Admitting ...


Deloitte CIS and Waves Platform advance in strategic partnership

Significant progress has recently been made in the development of business proposals and strategic alliances for the promotion of blockchain ...


Wallets and Exchangers: A Shelter for Cybercriminals?

Unfortunately it is well known that Bitcoin has enjoyed immense popularity in the underground crime markets due to the anonymity ...


Primalbase’s ICO successfully completed

ICO’s seasons continue in the blockchain ecosystem, with very varied business proposals that encourage many to believe and invest with ...


The European port of Antwerp has launched its first Blockchain project

Applications of blockchain technology give chance for innumerable possibilities, and one of them is, for example, to optimize port activities. ...


Delaware advances legislation on Blockchain

Legislations are taking timid steps still, but solid in terms of regulation of Blockchain technologies and digital coins is concerned. ...


Fidelity and crypto-altruism

The adoption of cryptocurrencies as a way of payment and exchange is an irreversible fact. This time we will talk ...

tui grup

German travel multinational TUI Grup is going to adopt Ethereum

The German travel and tourism multinational TUI Group is adopting blockchain technology in its reservation and payment systems. In an ...

bitcoin scam

British agent accused of Bitcoin fraud in US

In recent days British businessman Renwick Haddow was accused of fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United ...

atb coin

Let’s talk about ATB Coin

ATB Coin is a unique digital currency based blockchain and designed to offer fast, secure payments to anyone in the ...

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