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cryptocurrency news crypto economyHere you can find the latest news about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies focused on the Economy.

Beyond the applications of everyday use that cryptocurrencies may have or the regulations to which they try to submit them, the economy is an essential part of cryptocurrencies, and that is the topic that we are going to talk about in this section.

Learn how cryptocurrencies affect the economy in different parts of the world, the controversy they generate and how they handle the situation with the leaders of different countries.

bitcoin will be worth 500,000 dollars according to mark yusko

Bitcoin will Be Worth $500,000 In Six Years According to Hedge Fund Manager Mark...

There have been predictions on the price of Bitcoin in the future with some of these beyond the expectations of even the most optimistic...
Square First Employee Steve Lee Jakc Dorsey Bitcoin BTC

Square Gets Its First Employee Former Google Director Steve Lee for Its Crypto Subsidiary

Back in March Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO who doubles up as Square CEO announced he is looking for a team of three to four...
Binance Head of Operation for Europe Joins as General Manager of Europe

Binance Head of Operation for Europe Joins as General Manager of Europe

Mariana Gospodinova, head of operation for Binance Europe has now become former executive for the exchange as she joins Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange

Bill Gates Says He’ll Bet Against Bitcoin if Given A Choice while a Chinese...

Some influential people have in the past expressed their views on cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. The latest to do so is Bill Gates, the co-founder...
Big families buy Bitcoin

Well known families do not want to waste the Cryptocurrency market

There are indications that big investors have been keeping an eye on Bitcoin. With the coin prices stabilizing, it is not surprising that people...
BIS supports central banks in the creation of their own cryptocurrencies

BIS supports central banks in the creation of their own cryptocurrencies

In an unexpected twist, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has revealed that it is now in favor of its member states developing digital...

20,000 Transactions during a Digital Yuan Trial Event

The Chinese conducted about 20,000 transactions of Digital Yuan, China’s new digital currency, on eCommerce platform on the Double 12 event on Friday during a real-world trial of Digital Yuan.

People’s Bank of China reveals Digital Yuan as mandatory, to be treated like cash

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) revealed today that the new digital yuan will be mandatory to deal with and that it will be...
Bitcoin RIG energy consumption

Electricity Demand for Bitcoin Mining Soars in Iceland

In Iceland, mining companies and investors have been indicating interest to build data centers in the country that the concerned agencies are now selective...

Ziglu Bank Launched P2P Payment For Fiat and Cryptocurrency

The UK based Ziglu bank announced a new service that will surely attract many customers to the cryptocurrency world. The leading blockchain bank now...

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