During November, trading volume on Exchanges around the world skyrocketed

November Breaks Global Records on Exchanges
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The crypto ecosystem has witnessed a notable phenomenon during November 2023, with an unprecedented increase in traffic and trading volume on exchanges in Europe, North America, and South America.

According to data collected by SimilarWeb and reported by The Block, major exchanges in each region have posted record numbers, highlighting an exciting landscape in the digital asset market.

In Europe, Kraken has led this dizzying growth, achieving a trading volume close to $30 billion.

This milestone represents the second highest volume recorded in the region after the numbers reached in March.

Meanwhile, in North America, Coinbase, the leading platform in the region, has witnessed a total exchange of $50 billion and a global figure of $87 billion.

This figure places November as one of the busiest months, tying for second place with January and falling behind the record set in March.


In November, exchanges in the region peaked, led by BTSE, with an impressive volume of $23 billion.

This sharp increase suggests growing interest in digital asset trading in the region.

November Records Highs in Regional Exchange Volume

This data also demonstrates the growing importance of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, as well as the critical role they play in fostering interest and active participation in this emerging financial market.

The increase in trading volume not only reflects increased interest in cryptocurrencies, but also a growing legitimacy and acceptance of these assets in the global financial sphere.

This phenomenon in the cryptocurrency market suggests a promising and exciting outlook for the future of digital finance, with increasingly active participation and exponential growth on the horizon.


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