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NEO’s research on decentralized distributed storage

The NEO St Petersburg Competency Center (SPCC) developer group attended the MICSECS-2018 Conference  where it presented 3 scientific tesis that aimed towards the development of a NEO Distributed Decentralized Storage Platform (DDSP).

The Majorov International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Systems (MICSECS-2018) is a Hackathon conference named after the outstanding scientist Sergei Majorov. The conference was held at ITMO University in St. Petersburg, welcoming researchers from various fields across the world to present their findings.

NEO SPCC’s Presentation

  1. Zero knowledge data validation method based on homomorphic hash function in the DDSP –This thesis defined the development of an efficient data validation method that aimed towards preserving network scalability by reducing data transfers and computational costs for storage nodes. The DDSP design aims to ensure data integrity by using homomorphic hash signatures that can be verified. This hence removes the need for real data to be transferred to a validator on the network/ third party storage provider.
  2. The model of network map and data placement in the DDSP – Since the currently existing distributed data approaches are not well applicable for decentralised platforms, the NEO SPCC set out to find alternative solutions and create a new model for decentralized storage systems that will need to distribute data between available nodes.
  3. Push-gossip protocol efficiency with network topology propagation –A reactive notification protocol is required in order to have a system that can quickly respond to failures, overloads or changes in structure. NEO SPCC sees gossip protocol as the best approach toward this. In a gossip protocol, the nodes that comprise a distributed system may receive statistics about the network by exchanging messages with each other. According to the thesis, sub-networks of nodes can be formed by informing each other about the participation in the job done by the network and hence improve the efficiency of gossip protocols.

The NEO SPCC is a St. Petersburg based NEO development team that was formed to support the NEO ecosystem and also research and form new commercial products. The team aims to create a comfortable infrastructure for research and development in the blockchain technology.

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