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Block.one’s EOSHackathon Cape Town Grand Finale

Block.one, the publisher of the famous EOSIO blockchain protocol, recently started the Grand Final of its EOS Global Hackathon series in Cape Town.  The event is the marks the end of the EOS Global Hackathon series.

This year, the EOS Hackathon has been held in about five continents around the world, holding a mass of participants from all across the world. –An estimated 1,724 participants. With 19 teams down the line, the Hackathon is expected to end on the 7th of December this year. The winner will be rewarded a grand prize of 500 000.

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Among the 19 teams competing this week, there’ll be three African teams, [two from Kenya], that will be joining as finalists from the Block.one Africa Virtual Hackathon held last month. These include:


Africonnect, a team from Zambia, is developing a solution that will merge SMEs on the Blockchain network and enable small businesses from regions within the continent to merge as a single large. Africonnect is a peer-to-peer blockchain platform.


Developed with the aim of eradicating corruption in Africa, B-TAX introduces a transparent financial ecosystem that will not only prevent corruption but also seal tax evasions and deter tax fraud. B-Tax is a Kenyan based platform.

Ubuntu Energy Ledger [UEL]

Ubuntu Energy Ledger is a Kenyan based protocol that aims at co-ordinating increasing numbers of small surplus energy producers and flexible loads. It is an open, decentralized energy data trading platform for African countries and is based on the EOS.IO blockchain platform.

The three African teams will proceed to South Africa alongside other teams from Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco and London.

The winning team will be chosen based on whether it has a business model that’s sustainable and that can grow with outside investment. The winning team will also be chosen on the basis that, it has a market large enough to succeed the feasibility of its use as a scalable blockchain business.

While leading the Model review breakout session at the recent EOS Hackathon in Cape Town, EOS Venture Capital Investments’ Senior Associate, Brian Mehler, advised contestants to test out their ideas before making assumptions.

Mehler joined the EOS.IO community in 2018, following the launch of EOS Venture Capital investments [EOSVC] business unit. He had previously worked with the Private equity Industry focusing on investments in the financial and technology sections.

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