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NASDAQ Partners With CryptoCompare to Provide an Aggregated List of Crypto Reference Prices

Due to the volatility of the crypto market, investors need an up-to-date and reliable list of prices combined from different reputable exchanges. In a bid to provide these services to its customer base, NASDAQ has gone into a partnership that will see it get a minute by minute accumulated price reference from CryptoCompare and make it available to investors. For the latter task, NASDAQ has tasked its cutting edge leading platform Quandl.

Through Quandl, NASDAQ is adding crypto pricing product services to its other services, which are information, and public company services, trading, listing, exchange technology and clearing.


While NASDAQ is broadening its services by adding more services, for institutional investors, the cryptocurrency pricing product is a lifesaving service. From Qaundl institutional investors now have a dependable and trusted data source that will help them in making their investments.

Besides just compiling a list of market prices for different coins, CryptoCompare also provides comprehensive datasets in various sectors. Their platform also has strings of historical data from as far as 2013. Furthermore, users can also get blockchain, social, order book, and cryptocurrency trading data.

In addition to the mentioned CryptoCompare also has bespoke data products, white labelled indices alongside cryptocurrency indices. To ensure the data produced is efficient and reliable, CryptoCompare reviews and analyses the data regularly to ensure its integrity.

Furthermore, for the aggregated price listing product, CryptoCompare combines its data from over 150 reputable exchanges across the globe. Moreover, CryptoCompare has data on more than 5,800 coins and also covers more than 270,000 currency pairs. Their platform is so rich in data that both institutional and retail investors have their desired coins covered by CryptoCompare. While commenting on their new partnership with Nasdaq Charles HayterCryptoCompare CEO and co-founder said;-

“At CryptoCompare, we are delighted that we are now working with NASDAQ and through Quandl platform, we will be providing investors and traders reliable data needed during trading.”

Although traders are the ones, who stand to gain from this new partnership, for CryptoCompare, Quandl will help them reach a broader market. As for NASDAQ, it’s yet another time that it’s making a name for itself in the cryptocurrency industry.

Alfonso Martínez
Alfonso Martínez
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