Mastercard Offers Free Music Pass NFT’s for Holders

Mastercard Offers Free Music Pass NFT's for Holders
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In a recent development, Mastercard announced on Twitter that it would offer free music pass NFTs to help Web3 musicians access a number of resources to boost their careers. The Mastercard Free Music Pass NFT is free to mint and has been developed through a joint venture with Polygon. Moreover, the new venture is bound to play a major role in allowing users to unlock the recently developed Artist Acceleration Program.

Furthermore, these Music Pass NFTs would offer collectors full access to several exclusive future features that include an AI-powered musical generator application, educational content, a chance to win a live concert featuring different artists, and much more. The Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Mastercard stated that this is undoubtedly the first NFT the firm has dropped as a part of its accelerator program. At the same time, there is great potential for the participants to learn and create their own NFTs as a part of the program itself.

The Mastercard Music Pass NFT can be minted free of cost till the end of this month. Moreover, Mastercard stated that the provision of Web3 education is a major catalyst for the payment giant’s new NFT and Accelerator program. Mastercard believes that Web3 has the potential to become an increasingly powerful tool when it comes to connecting people and building communities around similar passions.

An Insight Into The Mastercard Web3 Music Accelerator Program

An Insight Into The Mastercard Web3 Music Accelerator Program

Mastercard launched its Web3-based Music Accelerator program back in January this year. The program aims is to help aspiring music artists, brands, and creators access Web3 technology easily.

The new program features artists including Young Athena, Coco Sarai, Manu Manju, LeriQ, and many more. Similarly, some mentors in the accelerator program include the Head of Business Development at Polygon, the Zora Head of Programming, content creator Nife, and others.

Keeping in mind the already planned showcase with a number of artists in the accelerator program, Mastercard made it evident that it would continue to build and experiment in the Web3 ecosystem. The firm would continue to explore a series of Web3 tools, resorting to both learning and testing along the way. The entire process would also include identifying new places to innovate and engage with newer technologies.


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