Marathon CEO: Bitcoin’s Halving Impact Already Partially Priced In. What Does This Mean?

marathon bitcoin halving
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  • Industry leaders and experts express their opinions on the impact of the upcoming Bitcoin Halving.
  • The CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. suggests that some of the effects of the halving may already be factored into the market due to ETF approval.
  • Arthur Hayes advocates caution, while Brad Garlinghouse maintains an optimistic perspective, anticipating a possible increase in the total value of the crypto market.

The upcoming Bitcoin Halving is generating high expectations and sparking debates among market experts. Scheduled for late April, it will halve the reward for Bitcoin miners, impacting their main source of income. It is expected that this reduction in the supply of new coins will have some effect on BTC’s price, although opinions differ on the magnitude of the actual impact.

On one hand, Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings Inc., the largest cryptocurrency mining company in the United States, posited the idea that some of the effects of the halving may already be incorporated into the market. Thiel also emphasized the role of ETF approval in the Bitcoin market, pointing out that this approval has attracted significant capital and possibly anticipated some of the price increases that would typically follow a halving. His perspective suggests that the market has reacted positively to recent events, which could mitigate any negative impact of the halving on BTC’s price.

However, not everyone joins the ranks of the optimists. Some observe from afar, with caution, like billionaire Arthur Hayes. Hayes suggests that both price action before and after the event could be negative. From the shadow of uncertainty, he advocates for taking a more prudent stance regarding BTC market behavior and suggests that the halving may not be a direct catalyst for a price increase.

bitcoin halving

Is it Impossible to Predict the Real Impact of Bitcoin’s Halving?

Another industry giant who awaits with optimism is Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple. Garlinghouse recently predicted that the total value of the crypto market could double by the end of this year, driven in part by ETF approval and the halving. For him, the massive entry of real institutional money through ETFs is a key factor supporting his positive forecast.

There are only a few days left on the countdown. We must be attentive to any signs of the possible impact on BTC’s price and the market in general. While opinions diverge, what is clear is that the halving is an event that historically has influenced the dynamics of the market in the short and long term. We will closely observe how events unfold and how they affect the crypto industry as a whole.


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