Magic Eden Enhances Its Support for Polygon and Present New Features

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Magic Eden, the leading platform for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) trading, announced a series of updates to enhance its integration with Polygon PoS (Proof of Stake). These new features aim to streamline and enrich the trading and building experience within the Polygon ecosystem, an Ethereum scalability network.

One of the standout features implemented by Magic Eden is an aggregation tool.

This tool enables traders to consolidate NFT listings from multiple Polygon PoS markets, providing them with a clearer and up-to-date view of the prices and statistics of available NFTs.

Traders can explore, compare, and acquire NFTs more efficiently thanks to this functionality.

Magic Eden Evolves With Its Community

In addition to that, Magic Eden has been attentive to the community’s requests and those of the creators within the Polygon ecosystem.

It was in response to this that they decided to implement a royalty compliance system in their Polygon PoS marketplace. This system ensures that NFT creators receive the fees they are entitled to when their NFTs are resold in the secondary market.

This is an important measure to protect creators’ rights and promote fairness in the NFT market.

Another significant advancement is the public availability of their API for Polygon.

This means that other projects and developers can directly integrate Magic Eden’s features and functions into their own applications and platforms.

This openness encourages collaboration and the growth of the Polygon ecosystem.

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In addition to these updates, Magic Eden has worked on improving the user interface of collection and profile pages.

The new interface is cleaner, faster, and offers an enhanced user experience. Users can access more detailed statistics, use advanced filters, view real-time activity, and sort items more effectively.

This makes navigating and managing NFT collections more efficient and satisfying.

Magic Eden is aiming for much more as they plan to continue enhancing their platform. Soon, they will introduce additional features such as collection offers and multi-bidding.

These new functions will provide collectors and traders with more opportunities and flexibility in NFT trading.

Jack Lu, CEO and co-founder of Magic Eden, expressed his excitement about the growth potential in the Polygon ecosystem.

He hopes that these updates will attract more collectors, creators, and game developers, contributing to the ongoing growth of the NFT community on Polygon.

Magic Eden is committed to ongoing innovation and platform improvement to meet the needs of its users.


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